Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By audrey_75
Hi all, even though i've never gone to Medjugorje before, i just want to share that i had my prayers answered, and i still want to post it here. The Rosary is really powerful :) Dearest Mother Mary, thank You for hearing my petitions through the Rosary and for interceding to God and to Jesus to let me be able to pass my Music Theory examination, which i re-sat for last year. My parents, especially my father, was very anxious about my results and i know it would be a big disappointment should i fail once more because it was both financially and time consuming and my father knows that given his age, he could not really afford to let me drag for another year should i fail this re-test, also besides this, i am sure he will be very angry if i were to fail this. After the examination, i found out i had lost 10 marks and that i did not follow instructions carefully. I was afraid i was going to fail again. However, thank You Mother Mary for hearing my petitions through the Rosary to let me pass this paper despite what have happened, and to let my marker be lenient towards me. Thank You Father, thank You Jesus for hearing and answering my petitions through the intercessions of Mother Mary.
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By Susanne
That's wonderful, Audrey!
It's always great to hear of answered prayers.
Thank you, Jesus and Mary!

God bless!

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By Sheila55
That's wonderful! Congratulations
By marylover
the power of the rosary is a wonderful thing, happy for you Audrey.

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