Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By Sheila55
I didn't post asking for prayers for me to quit smoking since there are many more serious requests about people who are very ill and need prayers more than for me quitting a vice
But I did pray and ask for myself with help quitting smoking. I don't have many good things going on in this time, so I am happy at least I was able to quit smoking.
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Congratulations Sheila!!!!!!!!! :D

Wow!!! That's no small feat! :D
By marylover
thats great Sheila, asking prayers for quitting smoking is a serious request because of the impact it has on your health and future life with us. So I am so glad you quit. Many patients try everyday to quit and cant do it! I have patients outside the hospital with IV poles smoking and I worry about them .

Good job, difficult thing to do :!:
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By Sheila55
thank you both!

marylover, I kind of understand your patients...When you are very stressed, it is so hard to not smoke; smoking truly becomes like slavery..Just a few months ago I felt like a slave; i hated it, I hated to feel my lungs burning, but I couldn't help it, the stress and agony I was in were too much.
Tell your patients to try e-cigarettes. They don't leave the nasty aftertaste and don't have all those horrible additives.
(There is a book which helped people I know quit right away; I have not read it, but this is the title: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Carr Allen)
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By LittleRed
You should be very proud of yourself Shelia :D ....I know a few people who have tried to quit smoking and it sounds like such a hard addiction to Judy mentioned, your body will thank you down the road, healthwise......

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