Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By Gullytale
Thank God for the Carpenters.

Had a night last night I cannot even begin to describe. Got through somehow and this morning asked about our family praying together. My mother said that's how she was raised and wanted it and she was tired praying for family faith, prayer for years.

Little things have happened all day. I asked my father if he wanted to pray and he said he'd love to. So we did. Mary and candle lit.

The family are coming together tonight to pray the rosary. I have a statue of Our Lady I got at that monastery Gael, thirty years ago, and the candle burns every day.

I felt the worst sense last night that our family was going to be torn to pieces. I know how and why too. About five in the morning I read from Medjugorje book about family prayer to stay together cause I was on my own and could not contact anyone even though I tried.

I never asked about family prayer cause we all know what large families are like. We all go our own ways - some faith, some not, some agnostic - etc. But this overpowering sense to ask for prayer with my father and for the family to pray together.

If you knew the history you'd know the miracle of grace this is. All want to.

If anyone Ireland/UK time at 7pm is praying the rosary - we are with you as a family.

Come hell or high water, I am starting that fasting this week. I have been far too lax and read about its power.

I did not know why I went to Medjugorje two years ago. But loved it. Today I KNOW in my soul I was drawn to that place of grace for at least one reason.

God bless you all
By Apprentice Saint
That's wonderful kevin to pray as a family . I wish i could gather my parents brothers and sisters together and pray the rosary.
Other than my sister i don't remember ever hearing any of them say a prayer, although my mum attended daily mass when she was fit to do so years ago.
I will be joining you at 7pm to pray the rosary.
By Gullytale
Thank you AS.

My father always said, 'forced prayer does no good to the soul." Not all the family were there cause all did not know in time but it was beautiful in the room.

And I swear to God little miracles of grace and healing continue.

Thanks all.

Thank You Mother Mary. And now the family are sitting roaring and laughing over old memories. Good memories of good times. Funny crazy mad ones. Times we all should have been locked up and the keys thrown away. lol

Nite and God bless you ALL

By Gullytale
My father passed on at 1:08pm last Thursday. Mary doing Her work of peace. All the family there, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to kiss him on leaving. This home was truly blessed in so many ways in last weeks. Mary Queen of Peace, thank you too for responding to our calls. His funeral Mass was amazing. Packed church, no standing room left and queued outside the church. Quite a send off for an 85 year old.

I will get to Medjugorje later this year with some family members. Trying to get our mother there too God willing.

Thank you all for your prayers and God bless all here, families and friends too.

Thank you Lord and thank You - Mary - Mother, Queen of Peace. :-)

By Awe+wonder
I'm sorry for your loss, Gullytale. I will say a prayer for the repose of the soul of your father. What a wonderful, way to die, with all your family and prayers. He was truly blessed.
By Gullytale
Thank you both. I have no doubts at all that our Mother - Queen of Peace interceeded for us all, and through Jesus favoured all the family with a time of grace and peace.

His suffering ended and true life began.

Thank you again.

God bless us all.

Mary, teach and guide.


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By OnASpiritualJourney2
I'm so sorry for your loss. No doubt the Blessed Mother used you to bring your family together
in prayer. Praying for your father and for you and your family.

Hail Mary ...
You expired Jesus ... Jesus I trust in You.
St. Faustina, pray for him.
St. Joseph, pray for them.
By rosarymart
Sorry for your loss Kevin. RIP .

Its always been a pleasure to enjoy the rosary prayer together with the family. I always wanted my life this way but unfortunately all the members of my family are far away and did not get time visit each other.

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