Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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:D :D
I want to Thank Jesus that I passed all my exams and got good marks in hard subjects even though everything seemed to be
working against me (sickness & on-going sleep deprivation).
Jesus really came to my rescue & I couldn't have done it without him.

The holy spirit even put what to learn exactly my way the morning of one of my exams and it made all the difference.
I'm so thankful & it feels so good! :D
I prayed the Our Father & a prayer to the holy spirit every morning.
Then i tried to see a mass online most days-that always seemed to 'ground me' somehow!

Gael posted prayers to St. Josemaria on here & i printed those out; i loved them so much.
I found it so inspiring to think you can give God glory through your work. It made me want to give my absolute
best effort possible reading some of those prayers.

I also love reading these books called 'Moments of peace for the evening' which has words from the bible and then
a little mediation on these words. You can buy them very cheap second hand off amazon. Sometimes for only a few cent & postage.
Theres's all different ones like 'Moments of peace in the presence of God'...Moments of peace from the psalms...etc.
In them it was as though God was encouraging me all the time to keep going when i was getting overwhelmed & frustrated
with the work load. I'd hear just what i needed to hear! :)

When i was like a zombie trying to do the actual exams with no sleep at all...& was going blank-my brain was too tired to work; i asked Jesus to please help me there and then..
from the heart...& he really did. I remembered things i had revised ages ago!
As well...i had planned on revising a particular section of work in the morning the night before the exam! The next morning i prayed to the holy spirit..& ended up learning something new and completely different instead. Then the exact new thing i learned that very morning came up in the exam & i remembered it-I consider it a miracle & it was really the hand of God helping me so much.
I'm so grateful to God because i'd been feeling really bad about things & getting a good result has really helped to lift me up.
God was really with me helping me!
Now i need to learn how to praise God more! :D
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