Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By flsongbird
I just have to share the amazing strides my son has made in the face of so much adversity. When he was 2 I found out he had autism. We didn't get a diagnosis right away and my husband dealt with denial for years until our divorce and eventually he accepted it once he shared custody and had to spend more than two hours a day with our son. In those early years I just prayed that my son would be able to speak the words "I love you" and understand those words because I told him them constantly. 7 years and multiple prayers and interventions later, my son is not only speaking, but reading above grade level. He just got his state test scores back and scored above average in both reading and math. He's currently reading The Chronicles of Narnia and loving it. Even though he's socially awkward, he is making progress in his behavior and confidence thanks to jujitsu lessons and our wonderful church pastor who encourages him to altar serve every other week when he's with me. My cup runneth over! We are going to Medjugorje in July to give thanks to Our Lord and Our Lady for every blessing we've received. We cannot wait! Thanks for letting me share this with you!

Love and prayers,
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By athenacp
Awesome to hear this! God is good:)
By marylover
This is a beautiful story, prayers are with you. Yes God is good!
By AnotherMe
Dear Jenn,
That is so beautiful! God bless your son and God bless you! I am so happy that you are happy! May your son continue to be blessed and to succeed! :)
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By LizzysMum
Just wanted to pop in and say a big prayer, involving a family member, was answered. I almost got what I prayed for. Close enough. I know, however, that God's answer was the right one!

Big thanks to those on this board that pray for the rest of us!
By flsongbird
Update on my son:

As many of you know, we are now back from Medjugorje. It was tough at first but we're really trying to live the messages and change our lives. Those of you who read my previous blog post know that my son was diagnosed with autism several years ago. He is very smart and even though some doctors and therapists thought he might never even talk, he is now scoring above average on state standardized tests and has almost finished reading the Narnia series! And even though he struggles socially and has been bullied in the past, tonight he was awarded his yellow belt in jujitsu! He worked so hard for it this summer and it is a HUGE confidence boost that is much needed before going back to school. I just wanted to share because God has truly heard my prayers and yours for those of you who have been praying for us. Thank you sooooo much! My cup runneth over...

Love and prayers,
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