Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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I have had a prayer answered directly, although it has taken a few years to come true. I met up with one of our Forum members [arranged in advance as I was visiting my brother in Pennsylvania, which is not too far from where my Forum friend Sandy [Maryschild ] lives. it was only a brief visit, but Sandy was exactly the way I expected her to be. full of life, and very pleasant. her husband made us very welcome too. I have jet lag after my holiday in USA but will be in touch with her again soon. We have kept in touch for a few years now. It was also nice to share our Faith and watch EWTN together.
Sandy very kindly said the Divine Mercy Chaplet with me also. Prayer does get heard even if it takes time to be answered.
love and prayers, mcikath xxxx
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By Maryschild
EST: 12:46 AM
Dear friends,

I am so very happy, God has answered a prayer that I have been praying and
hoping for some time now. I was blessed with a visit from Angela, a forum member,
you know her as, mcikath. She is the most lovely English lady that I am honored
to have as a dear friend since 2006 when we became friends on our forum. We have
been Cyber Pals, enjoying and sharing our faith and our mutual interests. I never
dreamed that I would be sitting next to Angela in my home sharing our tea and scones.
Many times in our talks on the phone I would always say, what will you have with your
tea today while we sit by the fireplace? Angela would go along with me... she has a
wonderful laugh to my pretending.
During her visit, we had those scones and tea and laughter, the only thing that was
missing was the fireplace, but we didn't seem to mind, since it was a very hot summer day.
I also met her brother and his wife who live in the States, a double blessing for me!
The nicest people you would ever like to have in your home, and wish that they were
friends living close by. It was a dream come true and a wonderful blessing for me
to have had Angela in my home, my friend from across the Sea, my dearest friend,
Angela, a special angel to me.

The meaning of the name Angela, is 'messenger of God, angel'

That's my Angela, from across the Sea! ... I♥ her!
♥ Sandy
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By Maryschild

Hi Ritacheryl! Thank you, and I also had a visit from Little Red, her husband and two lovely
daughters, awhile ago. I was honored to have them visit me and my husband, and our
precious little Yorkie, 'Peanut.' We felt that we knew Sharon and her family as friends,
they were so warm and a joy to be with.
Since they were planning a visit with friends who lived north of where we live, we both
felt it would be wonderful for them to stop by and visit with us, on their way home
which is a good distance from our neck of the woods. It was an answer to another
prayer to our Blessed Mother, if it be God's Will for us. Our Lady knows her children and
what they hold most dear in their hearts, we pray to Her every day, and sometimes when
the time is right, she will bless us with an answered prayer that we were hoping for and
then there are answered prayers that God knows which is best for us. Our prayers are
heard and they are answered in God's time and in His own way.

Our Lady wants our prayers and I truly believe that She wants us to ask in Jesus name,
for the gift of learning to pray with love, to keep on praying.
She needs Her Soldiers of Prayer, armed with Her Holy Rosary
as our heavenly shield and our holy refuge, in this daily spiritual warfare which we are
facing on this Earth, now.

I remember, in one of Her messages,our Blessed Virgin Mary saying, " Satan is strong and
therefore, you, little children, by constant prayer, press tightly against my motherly heart.
Thank you for having responded to my call."

Peace and Love
♥ Sandy

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