Tell us about prayers you've had answered.

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By AnotherMe
I just want everyone to know that I was offered a full time job! I will be working for a Marketing firm close by my home. It's paying me less than the full time job I had years ago, but it's new beginning for me. I am sure some of you remember the struggles I had concerning my unemployment. It's been years since I had a real job. With a whole lot of hard work and prayer I am going to make this new job a success.
I thank you all for your prayers.
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By athenacp
Awesome, praise God!
By AnotherMe
Thank you all. Now it's up to me to work hard, and work right. I must be up on my feet, work fast for deadlines and work patiently. Get along with co-workers (which shouldn't be hard for me), and gain the respect of everyone; especially the decision makers.

You're welcome Christine. I have put every one on […]

Wow. Amen