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By tdonn07
Hi every1 im terry donnelly and iv just found out about this site and love it! im not long back from medjugorje i went on my own it was my first time and i had the most amazing expereince one of whice i couldnt possibly put into words,so many amazing things happened to me il name just a few...my father has been cured from cancer afew days i returned home<i prayed alot for him over their>my best friend has converted to our faith,i have grown soo much deeper into our faith its like iv fell i love all over again with Jesus and found so much love and comfort in our lady,its all quite overwelming to be honest!! me and my best friend barry who is also joined up to this form put a video together of my pics i took over there some very supernatural things going on in them,please have a look and tell me wat you think,lots of people i know are now going to medj after watching my video.....thank you...JESUS AND GOSPA 4EVER XO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx-c6Unl6oc
By marylover
welcome Terry and glad you joined us!!
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By LittleRed
Welcome to the forum Terry :D .....

Praise God your father was cured of cancer...that is wonderful news!!.......

Thank you for sharing your video with us...

Bless, Sharon
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Welcome to the forum! :D

Sounds like you had a wonderful experience in Medjugorje. :D
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By Mt. Carmel
Welcome, Terry; glad to hear your good news! I hope you will find this Forum a spiritually positive experience; I know that I do!

Peace and Love.
By carlagradao
Hi Terry,

I am portuguese and recently I went to Medjugorje with my mother and 40 other portuguese pilgrims.
I saw your video on youtube, you took wonderful pictures when you went there! You received many blessings as well. I would like to ask you for a picture the one at the adoration site where the Sacred Heart of Jesus apears. I have a similar one but yours is much better. I would like to use it, to print out with a prayer at the back.
Let me know if you agree.


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