We'd like to welcome our "Silent Seekers" to the Medjugorje Forum. Introduce yourself here!

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By Miaiam
Hi, I am Mia, and I am glad to be here!

I hope I can share my love of Holy Mary with all posters. :)
By pippy-sue
Hello, Mia...nice to have you here....

I don't see why you can't share about our lovely Lady with everyone :)

What drew you here? :)
By Miaiam
Hi PippySue! :D Thanks for welcoming me!

I am always close to our Holy Mother, but somehow I have not posted at the forum for quite a while and would love to get back to it.

It is so nice to come back here again. I thought my old account was no longer active, so I decided to open a new one. But I was glad to see I am still able to use the old account, as there are old posts I enjoyed sharing as much as I enjoyed reading about people who know how wonderful She is. :)

Administrator/moderator, please let me know how to erase this account, since "Mia" and "Miaiam" are the same user, myself. I would like to keep my old account - "Mia" - and was unable to contact you directly. Thank you very much!
By pippy-sue
Mia, I see you have your old name back! :)

I am back here too...there is a specialness about this forum....

Love, Pippy
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By Mia
All the best to you, Pippy.

I hope we have other opportunities to talk about Mary within the forum. :)
By angelasantos_24
I'm Angela Santos,26 years old and a newbie here in this site. Hope to see more interesting post...
And honestly I am just trying to get closer to God..
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By Lincolneeay

I am Lincolneeya from USA. I am very glad to be here,and i would love to share my feelings and love of our Holy lady with all of you,and i am justing trying to stay close to God.

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By athenacp
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By athenacp

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