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By humble
Hello I am so glad to have found this site as Medjugorje is constantly on my mind and I could talk about the love I have for Our Lady and through her, for Jesus- all day and night. I haven't even been there but I believe and trust that God is giving us this wonderful grace. Medjugorje opens your heart to the love of God and the way that makes you feel and act just cannot be underestimated. It makes prayer the centre of your life and anyone who prays will know that this transforms everything in the most beautiful and meaningful way.
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By athenacp
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By Jarvis
Hello Everyone. This is Jarvis from USA I here to share my feelings for our Holly Lady. And i Very very glad for being here. I will share and spreed my love for the name oh my Holly lady in this forum.
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By athenacp
Welcome Jarvis!
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By Huntee
Hello, I am new user here. I like that type of forums that's why i join this forum. All pots are awesome. Its very informative forum and very helpful. I would also share alot of information on this forum.
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By athenacp
Hi Huntee and welcome!
By marylover
Welcome Huntee, it's nice to share. With you our love for the Blessed Mother.
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By spinningsun
By pimentaufoden
Went to Medjugorje to take photos and "do it all in about 2 days" got a big shock-- instead I found my
real self there--- thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for the over powering love I received -and even the ten days we stayed- were just not enough so I will be back to be with you again
prayers for my husband please.

Good Morning Beloved, Thank you so much for your b[…]

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