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By motherof3angels
Hi everyone,
I was a member on here before and was off for two reasons: studying and forgot my password. I am finally back and just wanted to say hello to all of you. I may not be
remembered by some of you great folks, but hello again anyway! May God's blessings be upon all of you!
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By beloved
Hi and welcome back! :D This so weird,every time I checked the forum today,I kept thinking of your name, Motherof3angels,where have I seen or heard the name before,and here you are!God's Blessing upon you and yours! Peace+love--Beloved
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By athenacp
I saw the name and thought the same thing! I remember you! Welcome back!!!
By motherof3angels
A special thank you to everyone. I will be posting more frequently as I find such warmth and solace on this forum. It seems in my everyday life, I encounter less and less of those who truly believe. It is becoming frightening to me....
By Godfillsthevoid
Hello mother..yes I have to agree with you. I feel lonely sometimes because there are so few who believe. I guess that's the beauty of this forum, we can unite this way. God bless you. Mother too, but of 5 angels. We are blessed.

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