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By Godfillsthevoid
Hello. I am new. I only discovered this site yesterday. How wonderful that we can unite together like this. I don't know anyone I can talk to about Medjugorje. I went on a pilgrimage there in the year 2000. It was the most amazing experience of my life, it changed my life forever. I have never felt such perfect peace and love before. I miss it. I didn't want to come back to Australia. I could have died there and been happy. However, God calls us back to our lives and we must go on, be an example for others who are lost or perhaps have just never known God.
I am married with five young children. I feel I am very blessed spiritually but I'm a HUGE coward. Not many know how deep my faith is and what it means to me. I never talk about it for fear of rejection, to be laughed at. I am full of pride. I feel alone in this world because there are so few who believe. I feel strength from the Eucharist every Sunday, I think without it I would certainly go off the track. The world pulls me in all the time. To be superficial, to be attached to material things, to want more, to pray less, etc. The irony of it is when I do pull away from God, although I think I'm happy because I'm part of the world I'm actually not. I feel a void which only God can fill. So I go back to Him, beg for forgiveness and feel peace again. But it's on ongoing battle. I guess that's the journey of life? Does any of that make sense to anyone?
I'm so glad to write this down. Even if no-one should respond I feel a weight lifted just to write.
God Bless you all.
By Apprentice Saint
Welcome to the forum Godfillsthevoid .
Amazing post... i had to read it a few times as it just echoes myself , just about every word of it .
The perfect peace and love you describe in medjugorje in my opinion is due to prayer .
We too can have have some of that peace and love in our families if we pray the rosary together and we are never alone.

By Godfillsthevoid
Thank you Mir for your reply. I'm so happy that there's someone out there like me. Yes, the rosary is so powerful. I used to say it daily as a child with my family, I believe my mother's prayers (she died when I was 14) have saved my whole family. We are all still practicing Catholics. I NEED to start saying it again. When I left Medjugorje I said three a day like Our Lady asked, unfortunately over the years three rosaries became 2, 2 became 1 and now I rarely say it. The Eucharist, fasting and the rosary are probably the most powerful things we have, we are so blessed to have them. Why don't I use the gifts God has given me??
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By V madone
Hello there, welcome to Medjugorje forum. It is nice to hear your story. I wish I could have a chance to go there to feel miracles.
By Godfillsthevoid
Sorry, Mir is probably not your name, do you mean 'peace'? I only just thought of it.

Hello v madone, yes the miracles in Medjugorje are amazing but we experience amazing miracles everyday in our lives. We just don't look deep enough to see them. When I went to Medjugorje I wanted to see all sorts of things, I was desperate for my rosary beads to turn gold, I prayed for it everyday but it didn't happen. I was very lucky to see the miracle of the sun but to be honest with you the greatest miracle happen inside my heart and soul. It wasn't visible at all. And you can have that too through prayer. I know it doesn't sound as exciting as rosary beads turning to gold or seeing a rainbow of light come from the sun but IT IS more amazing because it lasts forever inside you and it gives you peace and guidance which is something we all need today. BUT having said that..nothing is impossible for God, if you really want to go, ask Our Lady and if it's God's will you WILL get there. I will pray for you.
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By V madone
Hi God, thanks for reply. Yeah, the true miracle is something buried within your heart. I will pray for myself, hopefully I'll have chance to go to experience something special. Thanks once again.
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By pablovb
welcome to the forum Godfills... I pray that we can follow Ours ladys upcoming messages and be united like a big rosary :D
By Godfillsthevoid
Pablovb, yes united like one big rosary, I love that.

I had a group of ladies come over today. They are all from different religions, none catholic. I felt the odd one out a bit.They are lovely ladies and very devoted to God and Jesus (especially the bible) but I feel they miss out on so much by not loving, accepting Our Lady, not having the Eucharist and the sacraments as we do. Mary is the greatest human being to have ever walked on earth and ever will walk on earth. She is the perfect image of what God wanted us to be. How can they not love her and ask her for intercession. All She wants is to bring us closer to her son. I feel so sorry for those who don't know Our Lady like we do, they miss out on so many graces. I don't feel I am better than them in anyway, in fact I admire their deep faith in prayer, it's just that there's so much more, the catholic faith in my mind is perfect. It gives us all we need to become saints. It's certainly not easy! but the stepping stones of grace are there to lead us to heaven.

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