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By spinningsun

I,m a new member of this forum. I,m not that good in english, but try best i can. I have been in Medjugorje twice, 2010 and 2011. When i was in my mother,s womb she drank very mutch alcohol, so i,m born with something called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder..i have struggled very hard, and do it. But Our Lady never leave me alone, and in Medjugorje i get some peace that i have never felt before. I,m still struggle with memory, orginasation, routines, and all that FASD is. I,m born with a haert disease, aand missing the top of 4 fingers, and struggling with balance and cordination...but thought, with help from my best friend and other pilgrims i walked on top of Krizevac..I don,t no yet what God have in mind for me. But Our Lady have learn me so mutch..sometimes i don,t understand complicated words, and words behind words. I LIKE TO PRAY SO SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. I,m also singlemother, but with help from church, and socialworker i make it...i hope i can be mother all way.For selfcontrol, and to love God more i found fasting and prayer very helpful, if it,s made simple..thats little about me. God bless you all.
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By athenacp
Welcome spinningsun! Will keep you in my prayers!
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By spinningsun
Thankyou...many children and adults born with FASD needs our prayer, their mothers and fosterparents too...FASD is very common, it is the leading cause of braindamege during pragnency.it,s 100 % preventable. Alcohol is not a sweat drink...My mother was not a bad person, she had problems of alcohol. She died when i was 5.But now it,s well known by doctors that just 1 glass can give braindamege too..i,m born with the full syndrome...I will pray for you too:) God bless...
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