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By Shalom
Welcome to you too, Susan. You have just joined a lovely family. :D

God bless
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By Dodz
Welcome to our forum family Susan, I am sure you will be happy here! :)
By Cathy B
Many welcomes to all the new Forum Members :D I know that you all will grow in faith and knowlege. Our Lady has called you to be a part of this wonderful Forum :D :D

God Bless,
Cathy B
By nygirl
Happy Saturday to all,

I visited Medjugorje November 1998 and from the minute I even thought of going, I was embraced by our mother, Mary. It took me awhile to recognize that this was her doing and even now, years later, I am still putting all the signs together.

I have been forever touched by my experiences there.

Recently, Medjugorje is in my every thought. I have learned to listen and know a trip is in the works. i leave it up to Mary.

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By starbright
Welcome, nygirl, nice to meet you. I'm going at the end of May. I hope you get to go again.
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By Shalom
Welcome to the forum nygirl. :D
I'm going at the begining of May for 10 days. :D It will be my 10th visit and I'm still in awe at the blessings I recieve and the experiences I get. :D
I will pray for you while I'm there that Our Lady will invite you back.

God bless.
By Joseph Raymond
Hello to All. I am Joseph. I live just outside of Grand Rapids Michigan. I am in radio broadcasting and I am program director and on air at at classic rock station. I have been "enamored" with the events of Medjugorje since first learning of the apparitions a little more than 10 years ago..I have only recently become aware of Garabandal....I had the honor to interview the author of "The Miracle Detective" Randall Sullivan and will post the interview on the radio station web-site shortly...
I am not certain exactly what is meant by "Silent Seeker" but I know that I have been one for all of my life:) Sometimes not so silently...
Thank You All.
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By starbright
'Silent seeker' is the name we give to those who read the forum but don't join. We used to call them 'Lurkers' but felt that this term was unfriendly and unwelcoming. How long have you been browsing the forum before you joined?
By Joseph Raymond
Actually, I just read the meaning of silent seeker. I joined as soon as I found the web-site...It was not easy for me to find..I am still amazed at how many people I know that have never even heard of Medjugorje, much less what happened there...The media does not want this miracle talked about, it doesn't fit with their secular agenda, thus there is absolutely zero coverage of the event and VERY few people know of it's existence.
Thank you for responding and I am glad to have found the site of "Kindred Spirits".
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By Shalom
Welcome to the forum Joseph. We are a great bunch here. :D
I look forward to your posts. :D

God bless.
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Welcome Joseph!!! Given the nature of your work, I don't think being a silent-seeker would have been an option for you!!! :D There's not much silent about me either! :shock:

Can you give us a link to your radio show site so we can check out the interview when it's available? Thanks!!! :D
By Joseph Raymond
Thank you all for making me feel so welcome..."OnASpiritualJourney", you are soo right about the nature of my profession and my curiosity to seek...I am currently a program director and on air talent at a "classic rock" station so it may seem odd that my interests are not so secular. But I was born and raised Catholic and attended Catholic schools in Detroit during the 60's and the indoctrination that I received from the nuns has never left me...I am so humbled and grateful that my parents insisted on my Catholic education and even though I strayed for many years, I never lost my faith in God and my belief in the Virgin Mary...
I think you will all enjoy the interview with Randall. It is approximately an hour long and I need to tweak the audio quality as he is very soft spoken...As soon as I finish getting it all together I will post on my radio station web-site and put the link here for you all to hear...One of the things I asked Randall was if he was astonished that Joseph Ratzinger, who you may remember was a part of Pope John Pauls inner circle that believed in the events of Medjugorje, subsequently became Pope...I think you will find Randall's response awesome.... The interview took place a month ago. I was soo enthralled by his book about Medjugorje that I could not rest until I tracked him down thru his publisher and arranged an interview...I will work on getting the interview ready for podcast quickly so you can all hear...
God Bless! And go Red Wings (sorry but I'm a big Hockey fan and the playoffs have begun) :)
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By LittleRed
Hi Joseph,

I too would like to welcome you and say I cannot wait to hear the interview you had with Randall Sullivan :D ...Thank you so much for soon-to-be sharing it with us....If you would like you can post it under the Medjugorje Discussion section since that happens to be the popular section that most people frequent :D

Bless, Sharon
By Joseph Raymond
Thank you Sharon for that advice. I will post it there...I hope to have it ready by next weekend.
God Bless!
"For those who do NOT believe, no explanation is possible. For those who DO believe, no explanation is necessary." - Plaque at Lourdes
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Joseph, thanks for sharing about your background. Shows how important a good foundation in our faith is so important for our children. We may stray, but when we're ready to go back, we know exactly where to go back to!

Very encouraging news about Pope Benedict XVI and his favorable feelings for Medjugorje! Can't wait to hear the whole interview! Thanks again!!! :D
By Cathy B
Hello Joseph and welcome to the best forum this side of Heaven :D :D
I just know that you will spend many happy hours reading and posting here. If you are ever in need of prayer(s), just hop on and our prayer warriors will storm Heaven for you. That includes your family or anyone you know that needs prayers.

God Bless & enjoy,
Cathy B
By Joseph Raymond
Cathy, thanks for the welcome. I believe you that this is the best forum this side of Heaven :)
Is the chat room ever open? I tried to go there a couple times with no luck.
God Bless.
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
The Chat Room hasn't been operating during my couple of months on here. In the Miscellaneous Forum you can post just about anything. Some of the threads end up kind of like a chat room!
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By mcikath
welcome Joseph to our beautiful Forum, hope you gain lots of help and blessings from visiting here, love and peace mcikath x
By Joseph Raymond
mc THANK YOU for the sincere welcome. I love it here...My home of "kindred spirits".
By calicocat
Hi everyone,

I first came upon this website in 2005. Somehow I was drawn to it because, at that time I had devoloped a curiosity and interest in learning more about the Virgin Mary, mainly after the death of Pope John Paul, who was obviously devoted to her.

Since that time, life sort of got in the way so it has only been just recently that I started viewing this website again after a long absense.

I don't really understand why I am so curious in knowing more about the Virgin Mary because I am a Baptist not Catholic. Christ has been my one and only best friend since I was a child. But, nevertheless I can't help but feel that something about her is drawing me closer, so now I am on a quest to find out why.

Medjugorje sounds like a wonderful place to visit, but I hope I don't have travel that far to get started on my quest of discovery. I'm not sure where to start, but I guess on my knees in prayer would be a good place to begin.

Any other suggestions or helpful thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Calicocat
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Welcome Calicocat!!! How wonderful that you are being led to find out more about our Blessed Mother. Some books might be helpful in your quest. You might especially enjoy ones written by Wayne Weible as he started out as a Lutheran and has since converted to Catholicism. He knew very little about Mary when he was called.

Would also suggest reading about Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima. You might also take a look at what praying the Rosary is all about - it's meditating on Jesus' life while saying prayers and asking for Mary's intercession.

Good luck with your quest and welcome to the forum!!! :D
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By starbright
welcome, calico cat!
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By Jayne
My name is Jayne, I'm 56 years old, mother to nine, grandmother to ten and counting! ;) I love my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, His beautiful Blessed Mother and all His angels and saints!! I love the Church He established and I pray that the Lord our God will soon answer His Son, Jesus', prayer: " I pray that you will be one as We are One!" Thank you all for being here and If I come to mind please send up a prayer for me and my family..There is a struggle going on and I could sure use the help.
Love and prayers to all of you!
By Joseph Raymond
Hi Jayne, I will remember you and your family in my prayers.
God Bless.
prayers for my husband please.

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