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By athenacp
Gee I'm slacking...hello to all our new folk!!!!

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By starbright
Hello, Jayne, welcome, prayer said.
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By Jayne
Thank you John-boy and God's richest blessings on you and yours!
By calicocat
Thanks John!

I checked our your Blog. Pretty cool. That was an interesting story about your Rosarie turning to gold. Does your friend Katie sell the Rosaries that she makes? Did you have any interesting stories to share about Francis the Stigmata? Feel free to send me a PM.

Calicocat (Maria)
By marylover
Welcome Joseph Raymond, Calico Cat and Jayne to the forum.

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By abarnch
Hi everyone, I am new to this and I am happy to be a part of this forum. It's nice to be able to communicate with people who love our Blessed Mother and have experienced Medjugorje in some way or another. My name is Chris and I have been to Medjugorje almost every year (leading groups there) since 1987, except during the war (missing a year here and there). Medjugorje is my second home and my heart is there always. I love speaking about it - and sharing with those who do not know about it. I have experienced so many beautiful things which I will share with you from time to time. I will be going back this September (not as a leader but as a pilgrim this time) staying at Ivan's house. I can't wait. I just wanted to introduce myself - :D
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By starbright
Hi, Chris, welcome! I hope you make friends here. God bless you. Feel free to join in anywhere.
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By abarnch
Thank you, Frances. I hope to make many new friends here.
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By abarnch
Thanks John-boy. I am was so excited to get another response welcoming me to the forum. This is great.
By Cathy B
Welcome aboard to the most beautiful forum in the world Chris :D :D May you find many new friends and many hours of learning about Our Lady but, on second thought, you must know far more than a lot of us who at the moment can only dream of going to Medjugorje but will get there one day "somehow". Until then, I hope you can share with us your stories. I can't wait to hear them :) :)

God Bless,
Cathy B
Hi. I'm a new member. Won't be checking the messages here too often, I'm ill and need to spend more time praying than on the computer, but glad I found this website : )

See you in front of the manger like our Lady asked : )

Merry Christmas
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Welcome to the forum MedjugorjeFollower123. Praying for you regarding your illness.
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By MedjugorjeFollower123
Thanks : ) Only pray that I'm healed if its God's will. Otherwise, pray that I pray more and offer it up willingly and with love : )

[quote="OnASpiritualJourney2"]Welcome to the forum MedjugorjeFollower123. Praying for you regarding your illness.[/quote]
By marylover
welMedjugorjeFollower123 come to the forum , prayers said for you
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By starbright
Welcome! :D
By Dinkie
I found this link in an email sent to me today.

I browsed through the site - because I love Mother Mary very much.
She is the mast that I hold on to, when the waves of life get too rough!

I have never joined any "group" before, although I have been using the Internet (daily) since 2000.

Will someone be kind and explain what to do when I visit this website - - or "registering in a group", etc. Thank you so much.

God Bless You all.

Lots of love,
Ms. Dinkie
Mumbai, India.
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By LittleRed
Hi Dinkie :D ...

It looks like you are already registered because I can see your username...You are free to browse the forum in any or all sections as you wish....you can post your response on the threads that interest you....

So welcome to the Medjugorje Forum and glad you joined us...

Bless, Sharon
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Welcome to the forum Dinkie! Looking forward to reading more of your posts! :D
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By Gijo
My name is Gijo Devassy, basically from India, employeed in Saudi Arabia and I'm catholic. My wife is also with me here in Saudi. Our Marriage was in the year 1996 May, 27 and till now we have no child. Remember us in your prayers and please get in touch with me. I love to know more and more about God's word.
Thanks to Mama Mary for this site to introduce to me.
Have a blessed day.
G. D. Gijo
By marylover
welcome Gijo and I will pray for you and your family.
By Loynaz
God Bless all in Jesus Name

Hi my name Loynaz:

About 2 weeks ago my brother left his wife, he was in a relationship that was every abusive he lived the street life and got shot about 8 years and was disable moved and his living in Florida, he told me he had starting fasting and seeking for guidance from God, and made a choice to leave was living on the street of Florida. He was told to go to Brandon Fl, where he stood on the Day's Inn...the next day the younger that work at the counter told the Minister about my brother living in the street, he went to Sunday service and has he was about to leave he left, he gave the tithe to the Minister and they told him he was living with them. My brother and me were raise Pentecostal when I married I converter to catholic in order to married my wife which Ive been married for over 22 years my brother told me he his stay in this path he must follow God he told me he didn't believe in the Pope and the Virgin maria, and that the catholic church followers will burn in judgment day for worshiping idol. He told me to converter that end of time is near, I'm seeking advice I dont what to lose my brother or lose communication with him about dont know how to form a conversation with him without him putting me down every-time we talk

I'm desperate, need advice
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Welcome Loynaz!

How sad that your brother feels the need to tell you his opinions on your Catholic faith. It's too bad that you can't share what you have in common, or at least make religion not permissible as a topic of conversation. All I can think of is to pray for him. One day he will know the full truth.

Also, a belated welcome to PJ32!
prayers for my husband please.

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