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A Beautiful Hymn

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:35 am
by athenacp
May your grace make me whole again,
May your eyes make me see again,
May your words make me hear again,
Your song of love.

May your hands touch the poor again,
May your arms hold the sick again,
May your smile fill each heart again,
Through who I am.

May your birth make me live again,
May your death make me free again,
May your life make me sing again,
Your song of Love.

May your feet walk the road again,
May your voice raise the dead again,
May your will calm the storm again,
Through who I am.

Let my tears wash your feet again,
Let my cloth wipe your face again,
Let my home give you rest again,
In those I see.

Let me give you your food again,
Let me shoulder your step again,
Let me answer your call again,
In who I am.

(Hymn by R. Fabing S.J.)