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By nativesinger
This is a song that I wrote for my friend Terry Jerrett. He was a Rector for the Young Men's Challenge Weekend several years ago. I was suppose to do music for that weekend but unfortunately I couldn't do it due to the death of my nephew. However, this song was used as a score for the short memorial video of my nephew. This song didn't actually end up the way it was initially intended. However, I wanted this song to be heard by everyone. So me and my good friend Tom Johnson got together and compiled a video that represents this song about Jesus's short life and how He preached about the Truth about God and His Word (Gospel). This also is a reflection of Terry's idea of how "life is like a blink of an eye" and its a stepping stone to Heaven. But, for us to achieve this destination, we have the Holy Bible as a guide to help us to find our way to salvation. Here it is.......Enjoy!

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