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By Gael
As some of you may know I was recently able to make a very quick stop in Fatima while on a holiday to Portugal (I have put some photos in the Photo & Video section). We were able to visit the village where the children lived, and then the main plaza, chapels & Basilica in Fatima. I was delighted to see the little houses where Jacinta, Franciso, and Lucia lived, since I read the book by Lucia when I was very young and I had always imagined what these places looked like, and now I was able to see for myself! The village itself had a few little gift shops, but was an extremely quiet little place, few tourists/pilgrims, and very much unchanged I imagine by fame. Indeed the "car park" for the coachs was someones back yard with the hens running around, and the local houses reminded me very much of the photos I have seen of the village of Medjugorje in the early days. The one place here that very much touched my heart was the well behind Lucias house where the Angel of Peace appeared to the children and taught them to pray. It was an extremely beautiful peaceful spot, so quiet in spite of pilgrims wandering around, the presence of God was tangible in this little place, and I would have loved to stay, but sadly we were on a schedule! We next visited the Chapel of the Apparitions in Fatima, and attended Mass in the Basilica where the remains of the children are. My only problem was that we didnt have enough time to really see around and sit and pray, but please God perhaps some day we may return to do this. I felt bad that I had gone all this way, then had to rush around to see everything and not have time to pray properly, so imagine my surprise when Our Lady gave me such beautiful graces when I returned home.
On the evening I returned from Portugal I was driving to my parents house with the sun in my eyes, when suddenly the sun changed to a flat white disc that I was able to look directly at. At first I thought it must be the moon, but it was like someone was holding a circle in front of the sun, every now and then the edges would moveand the edge of the circle was the sun. To me it looked just like the Host. It was pulsating like a heart beating is the only way I can describe it. I thought I must be seeing things (it had been a long day, :lol: ) and I stopped the car and took off my sunglasses, thinking perhaps they were causing this strange effect, but it remained the same for perhaps 15 minutes, an amazing sight, leaving me wondering why? I am still wondering...I was not expecting to see anything at any time in Portugal or at home, so it was all the more surprising but Our Lady had not finished with these lovely graces! A few days later I found a packet of medals I bought and had blessed in Mass in Fatima, and I put them in my pocket, then forgetting about them a time later, I was wondering what the beautiful scent was. I was in my mothers house and thought she must have put something scented inthe room or perhaps it was the vase of flowers in the window, but when I put my had in my pocket for something and pulled out the packet of medals the scent was overwhelming, like a mix of flowers, perfume & incense. It was coming from the blessed medals, and lasted several hours then disappeared. Yesterday I was again driving on a cloudy blustery day with the sun shining from between the clouds, when what I can only describe as a long ray of sunlight beamed directly at the front of my car. Nothing unusual there except all around was almost dark with the rain cloud cover and this looked like a big golden rope tied to the car front (it ended just below the drivers window), it was not straight but bent slightly and as I was traveling fairly fast it remained in position, like it was attached to the car, for about 5 minutes, it is difficult to describe what I saw but I know it was not normal. I have never seen a ray of sunlight like that before, and normally one would drive through the suns rays, they dont "follow" you! I dont know why these "signs" have happened but I can only feel blessed and very unworthy that Our Lady has shown them to me, and on this Her feast day I thank Her with all my heart.
Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for me.
Immaculate Heart of Mary be my refuge.
By humble
An amazing story Gael. Nothing that amazing has happened to me although I was recently reading about Maria esperanza and how White roses figured so strongly in her experiences of our lady. I had been reflecting on the presence of roses and thinking how beautiful it all was when right in front of me on the ground I found a perfect White Rose! To me it was a little message/blessing from heaven! Hope it's ok to mention betania on Medjugorje site- sorry if not
By marylover
Such a beautiful story Gael, so happy you were able to go there.
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By julia60
What an awesome experience Gael.

Humble, I have read when you find a rose, it is a sign that St Theresa, the little flower is sending you a grace from Heaven. I wonder if you have a devotion to her. It certainly sounds like she has chosen to let you know, she wants to be your heavenly friend.
By Gael
AnotherMe wrote:Gael that's an amazing thing you witnessed. I am glad I read it. Thank yowl
AnotherMe I was able to return to Fatima earlier this year which was wonderful. The morning after I returned home I was once again driving along the road, it was a completely blue cloudess sky on a winters morning, and no word of a lie, there was the letters PEACE written in little clouds directly in front of me. I couldnt believe what I was seeing,there wasnt another cloud in the sky & after a few minutes it disappeared. A little goodbye kiss from Our Lady.
By marylover
That's awesome- so glad you get all these little signs. Went to grotto today in Maryland, such lovely reminders Our Lady is always with us.

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