Tell us about your pilgrimage to Medjugorje and share the experiences that made it special.

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By MMchild
I can not tell you how it felt to be able to be there at the Apparition time in Medjugorje. To watch it on the video was one thing but to be there in person what a Grace and Blessing it was. One can only cry with joy. The Blessed Mother truly bring so much peace and joy to our heart.

I was so move by the faith of other pilgrimages. It was raining for 3 day on and off before Apparition Day May 2. The Apparition Hill was so muddy and slippery and so at Bluecross the Apparition place. The day before the apparition I went to Bluecross to put the flowers for Our Lady I could not get in, there were so many people gather around to pray already.It still raining so I though I come back later. I went back many time and more people gather around to pray. At 10:30 PM I went back again this time I saw some room for me to get be hide Our Lady Statue at Bluecross I went up and be able to put down the flower. When I tune back with my flash light to my surprise I see so many people had been capping up there( the area be hide the statue), in the mud and in the rain! What a Faith and Love they show me. I talked to some people who stay there all night they told me that most people stay up all night to pray till Apparition time.
Lucky no rain on apparition day. We were all pray the rosary in our own language but you could not tell at all. I was so excited to see the wave of white handkerchief .
The White Handkerchief fewer is on in Medjugorje !

Praise be Jesus and Mary for ever.

" White Handkerchief. The tradition started with the Portugese who waved goodby to their friends and loved ones going out to sea. Where there are processions the pilgrims wave a loving farewell to Our Lady. Today, the white handkerchiefs are waved in affection."
prayers for my husband please.

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