Tell us about your pilgrimage to Medjugorje and share the experiences that made it special.

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By SoloParaMaría
my wife and I would love to visit Medjugorje but it seems like impossible for us to have enough money to buy the tickets. I got some numbers from an organization which arranges pilgrimages and my heart went to the floor when I saw their prices. We don't need to go and see to believe. It is precisely because we believe we want to visit our blessed mother. We are certain we will obtain all the graces we need for our salvation, to love more God, Jesus and Mary in person in heaven. If any of you have any ideas of where to go/look for better rates (even if I have to travel in the cargo area of a plane :shock: ), we'll greatly appreciate your advice. :mrgreen:
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By willywee
I am in the same boat as you. I read about all these people who have visited and wonder how they can afford it? We live paycheck to paycheck and are lucky if we have enough to even go on vacation close to home. I would love to go to medjugorje also. I believe and am on this site to see anything new. I pray that we will some how get there but I do not see any way. I have prayed for this also but it must not be in the plans for us. :(
By susie
For many years I wanted to go to Medjugorje sooo bad. Twenty or so years have passed and I finially can afford to go. I went three years ago and brought a daughter, who was not touched. This year I am going with my 15 year old. I go on the cheap. I am from Canada and I spend the whole year finding cheap tickets. The tickets I bought this year were 500 dollars lower for only a few weeks. I go to hostels and in Medjugorje, it is very inexspensive. On this trip, my daughter wanted to see other parts of Europe so I am only going to be in Medjugorje for a few days. In time you will go too, if God willing. I would like to say that my experience was not what I thought it would be but I still believe that something is going on there. I also heard that if Mary wants you there, you will get there. I don't remember who told me that or if it is actually true.
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By TimHaley
For one of the lowest pilgrimages from the US, check with Fr. Joseph Galic whose email address is josephgalic @

I'm uncertain of the cost as I've never traveled with him but he personally told me he is associated with a group in Chicago that tries to keep costs to a bare minimum.

Another possibility is to organize a group yourself. As Jenn mentioned, many pilgrimage companies will provide for one free guest given that you organize a group. Check with Catholic Journeys out of New Orleans ( In the past, I believe they may have provided one free guest for every 8 pilgrims. It is common, but not necessary, for the free guest to be a priest to accompany the group.

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