Tell us about your pilgrimage to Medjugorje and share the experiences that made it special.

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By Lino
I just arrived at Medjugorje yesterday.
The 30th anniversary is this Saturday, there is a lot of Italians, and already we can see many buses full of pilgrims.
By mani
Hi Lino,
Sounds so exciting. PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU.
Keep us Posted when You can.
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By Lino
Hi !

The temperature is hot 38 degrees. There is a lot of special speeches this week:

Tuesday, at the Rotondo, Ivanka spoke about the beginning of the apparitions about 30 minutes. It was full (outside)!
Wednesday, we listened Vicka at her parent's home, we were in the street. She spoke about the 5 stones, the rosary which the best way to prevent satan attacks, the visit she made of the heaven, the purgatory and the hell.
yesterday, Ivan made a speech about one hour concerning the way he lives the apparitions at the Rotondo, and again, it was full. He states that is still seeing the Virgin Mary each day and he brings all the pilgrims to Her. After the mass, a procession was held in the streets - all the pilgrims with candles in the hands. It was so beautiful.
Today, another procession began at 6 AM -- 18 km away and we arrived at the church around 10 AM. Again, we were a lot of pilgrims singing all the way long and we could see flags of many countries. It was the first time that I participate in a procession like that.
This afternoon, we will have Maria speech at 4 PM and we are advised that the mass of 7PM will be longer than usual. This week, we have had Ivan and Maria for The Magnificat at 8:15 at the end of the mass. I think you are able to see them with the Medjugorje Webcam.
We don't know if all the seers will be altogether at the mass of today or tomorrow - for the 25th anniversary, 5 out of 6 were present at the same time.

I pray for your intentions. Lino
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By Lino
The numbers of pilgrims was very impressive for the 30th anniversary. To have a seat, we had to be there at 5.30 for the 7 PM mass. The temperature was better today, 30 degrees and it was windy.
The priest spoke about three problems that we have on the earth / the evil, the world and the flesh. He spoke about Virgin Mary who said yes to the angel and about the fact that we should answer yes as well, in the sense that we want to serve God.
At the Magnificat, 5 out of the 6 seers were present, Vicka was absent. I will try to know if a reason is given in the next few days / in the newspaper.
I saw her at her parent s home Wednesday.
Tonight, there is adoration from 10 to 11 PM outside with music and animation, and after that , it s inside the church from 11 PM to 7 AM tomorrow morning, but without music and animation.
I had a chance to take a picture with Ivan, and with Ivanka near the information office!
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By Lino
I have to add something important which happened today at the 30th anniversary mass > a letter received from Cardinal Schonborn has been read. He states that good acts follow the apparitions in Medjugorje, like conversions, prayers, etc. This letter has been very appreciated by the pilgrims.
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By Lino
NEWSPAPER: It is written that the number of pilgrims and tourists was more than 100 000 yesterday for the 30th anniversary mass, and more than one hundred different nationalities were represented.
This morning, the DVD of the mass of yesterday is already available ! - 13 euros.
NEWSPAPER: The title of the article concerning Medjugorje is:



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