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Hi I am hoping to go to Medjugorje maybe next Spring, as it is my 40th birthday in February and a pilgrimage to Medjugorje is all I need! Does anyone know of companies operating pilgrimages there from England. Or if I was to travel independently has anyone any advice in this regard? Any help much appreciated
Hi Humble,
Marian Pilgrimages fly from lots of UK airports. The website is and the phone numbers are 0207 193 2176 (London) + 0161 408 0369 (Manchester). I travelled with them last year and they looked after us very well.
Bluecross did have a long list of 2012 pilgrimage dates from the UK on his Crown of Stars blog. The are not there now but I'm sure that he could help you. He has an email contact via the Crown of Stars blog.
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