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By flsongbird
Hi everyone! I'm new here to the forum and I am planning my first trip to Medjugorje this summer. I was wondering if any of you took your children with you and if you'd be willing to share the experience and what (if anything) made it difficult for you. I've been wanting to take this trip for twenty years and now I'll finally be able to but I'm not sure if it will be too challenging with my son. He's 8 and has autism. He does not have a severe form of it, but being in an unfamiliar country with a large tour group who doesn't really know us has me feeling a bit hesitant about it. Thanks in advance for your replies!
By susie
Jenn, You must ask yourself if your son has problems with crowds. I have taught autistic (aspergers) children and they don't seem to like people or people they are not famliar with. If your son does not like being with lots of people, you may want to think about it. Otherwise, if he is used to going to church with you and he enjoys being with church people maybe. I brought a teenager and she liked it but not for religious reasons. She liked the weather and the good prices of food. Speaking of weather it can range from 30-35 (June) celcius. I don't know where you are from or what you are used to. When I went I didn't go with a tour because I planned my trip and went to other areas as well. It was less crowded, but I think I missed out on some major spiritual activity. If you do go with your boy, you must get him to Nancy's castle.
By flsongbird
Thanks for the advice, Susie! He doesn't mind crowds at all. I'm so blessed! He is actually an altar server at church and he loves the Lord and Mother Mary a great deal. That's partially why I don't want to leave him behind. And we live in Florida so it's quite hot here, the summers especially so. I'm just worried it will be too intense with long days/nights, and I'm also afraid he could wander off if I don't have my eyes on him constantly.

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