Tell us about your pilgrimage to Medjugorje and share the experiences that made it special.

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By flsongbird
Hi everyone! I just got back from an AMAZING pilgrimage to Medjugorje with my mom and my son! It's too much to write in one post but I am going to write one blog a day here:
Thank you everyone who gave me advice about how to make it a better trip for not only me, but also for my son! He got soooo much out of it. In the end, the trip really made an impression on him and I know he will remember it and put into practice what he experienced.

Love and prayers,

Here's today's post:

7/24: What Really Matters

I can sum up my trip two ways, one religious and one pop culture, because Medjugorje is truly for everyone: The first way–love God and love people—Jesus tells us these are the greatest Commandments and they truly are. The second way is one of my all time favorite quotes from The Hobbit—”If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” For those of you who want to read more, each day I will post about one day from the trip. It would be entirely too long to do all at once! For those interested, Day 1 is below:

7/14: We left the house at 7:30am to get to the airport. We sped through until I got stopped at security. They pulled my bag and wiped all of my electronics for bomb dust. Of course everything was fine though I was a little worried because the bag belonged to my pyro boyfriend lol! We got to the gate had plenty of time. We sat there for 2 hours then boarded. This was Riley’s first time flying and he did GREAT! He was totally unfazed and played on his ipad the whole time. We got to North Carolina and had plenty of time to eat dinner prior to boarding. The next flight was to Frankfurt, Germany, and it was 8 and ½ hours long. Riley watched Mr. Popper’s Penguins twice and then slept for 4 hours. He is such a champ! I was moaning and complaining but he was just the most cheerful of us all! We landed in Frankfurt 30 minutes late and boy, was it CRAZY. Our next plane to Turin, Italy, was taking off in 45 minutes. Of course I got stopped at security AGAIN, plus we had to go through Customs. Fortunately there wasn’t a line. We RAN to the gate. That was tough on my mom, but we made it just in time to board, thank God. We had to get on a bus from the terminal and ride to the plane and board it from outside. The Germans had a bit of an attitude but the Italians on the plane made up for it. Our seats were all separated but a nice Italian family switched seats so I could sit by Riley. We finally made it to Turin, Italy! So on the whole, not a very relaxing or spiritual day lol! Stay tuned tomorrow for day 2!
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By TimHaley
Jenn, it is great to hear that you, your son and mom had an amazing pilgrimage! I look forward to reading all about your experiences in your blog.
By Gael
Thanks so much for sharing Jenn, love reading about your pilgrimage!
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By beloved
Thanks Jenn, for sharing your pilgrimage with us, love reading about it.
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By Maryh
Hi Jenn, I didn't realise you had a blog post about your visit to Medjugorje; Thanks for sharing it; now I can
live vicariously through this as I never been & don't think I'll get to go any time soon either!

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