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If you have the necessary software running,this is the best live link you can ever have.
Connect and size it and place it in one corner of your screen and keep it there every time you are on your computer.

This is not a photograph but a live cam in front of the Blessed Eucharist.
Its like having a tanning salon for your soul.
By June1
Gorgeous! Do you know where this is?
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By LittleRed
Thanks`s beautiful!! :D .....

I will make it a sticky so it doesn`t get lost in the shuffle....
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By raj48
how do you connect and size it? how do you keep it on your screen?

Can someone explain

This is a link to the Little Chappel at Fatima. The marble statue, to the left of the small shrine located inside the alter, is the remaning symbol and marking the exact location of the Oak tree which the Blessed Virgin appeared inside of during the 1917 Apparations. The actual Oak tree and structures were blown up by local terrorists in 1922 and replaced by what you see today. The vandalization resulted from tensions in an small group who felt that the Fatima Apparitions were a haux.

Unlike Lourdes this web cam is constant and runs "real time" 24/7. It is a great place [for me] to go if I wake in the night alone and 'spooked.
Thank you Antony for the new link. I noticed a while back the link to the webcam that AntonioDiPadua posted at the top of this thread does not work so I went to the church site and here is the new link.
Adoration online at the National Shrine of ST. Maximilian Kolbe
from Our lady of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel
It is not all adoration, check schedule for mass, morning, midday, evening prayer,
office readings, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, rosary, novenas
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