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Hosea 14:1
The Father called the Israelites back to him in Hosea 14:1 "Return, O Israel,
to the LORD your God, For you have stumbled because of your iniquity ...

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We sang this song in our church, and at our Charismatic prayer meetings, it is one
of my many favorites...our Charismatic prayer meetings were for me, like going home,
a greater love for the Holy Mass and the sacraments, to see with the heart and soul,
with like-minded people.
The Holy Bible became my treasure. I never read the Bible before attending a
'Life in the Spirit Seminar'...
My sister and I with a group of friends, went together for the Seminar and we all felt
at home in this very special place of prayer.
I liked singing the softer music that seemed to flow from one another ever so gently,
being lead by and with the Holy Spirit.
There is a powerful love felt in our souls when praising and singing to God with
our brother and sisters. Many Graces flow abundantly upon the recipients of the Holy Spirit. ♥

Again, it is prayer that brings us close to our Heavenly Family; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The Holy Rosary was prayed before the prayer meetings, the Blessed Mother leading us as she always
does to Jesus ,to the Word of God, the Holy Bible through Her Rosary.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the graphics used to create these decorated bibles were picked up
in graphics group, some found in public domain, and some I have purchased the right to
use. Special thanks for graphics from OutLaw By Design. No copyright infringment is intended.
If I have accidentially picked up your copywritten graphic, I 'encourage' you to contact me
. Please, be sure to type the word "copyright" in the email subject line. Thank you. Marvaline

Our Lord, our God is patiently waiting for all His Children to come home to Him...
♥ Sandy
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