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By Maryschild
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When I saw this image, I thought, what a nice peaceful day for a walk in the park.


© Michael Jastremski (Philadelphia)

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Michael Jastremski</A>
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God's love for us is everywhere...♥

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By Maryschild
Bless you also, Sharon!
It is so good to have you posting!

So much has happened in our lives, too much to post here,
which is the same for you as well. I wish I knew all our members,
they seem so very opened and friendly, My RA hurts my hands,
fingers and I know you understand about illnesses. I think of you
and all the members that were online when we joined, I love them
and miss them too.

♥ ׺ > Sharon, my dear friend and also to your lovely family!

Image Sandy

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By LittleRed
Thank you Sandy!!...You are such a sweet and loving soul...I knew that the day I met you!!....I hope Frank is doing well and Peanut too.....

I too miss those old days when we all had such fun on the forum....some members have come and gone, but many have stayed :-)

And it is so good to see you are still here!!

Bless, Sharon

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