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First Hint of Sunrise From Space
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First Hint of Sunrise From Space ... rom-space/
07/30/2013 08:00 PM EDT

On July 30, 2013, Expedition 36 Flight Engineer Karen L. Nyberg of NASA
took this photograph of a sunrise viewed from the International Space Station.

As the space station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, traveling at about
17,500 miles per hour, the crew sees about 16 sunrises and sunsets daily.
> Karen Nyberg (@AstroKarenN) on Twitter Image

Credit: NASA


Elliptical Crater on Mercury
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Elliptical Crater on Mercury ... n-mercury/
07/31/2013 08:00 PM EDT

This color image, taken on May 1, 2013 by the Wide Angle Camera (WAC) instrument
aboard NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft orbiting Mercury, features Hovnatanian crater,
named for Armenian painter Hakop Hovnatanian. The crater's elliptical shape and the
bright rays' butterfly pattern indicate that a very oblique impact produced the crater.
The brightness of the rays indicate that they are relatively young features on Mercury's

This image was acquired as a targeted high-resolution 11-color image set.
Acquiring 11-color targets is a new campaign that began in March, 2013 and that utilizes
all of the camera's 11 narrow-band color filters. Because of the large data volume involved,
only features of special scientific interest are targeted for imaging in all 11 colors.

The MESSENGER spacecraft is the first ever to orbit the planet Mercury, and the
spacecraft's seven scientific instruments and radio science investigation are unraveling the
history and evolution of the solar system's innermost planet.
MESSENGER has acquired over 150,000 images and extensive other data sets, and is
capable of continuing orbital operations until early 2015.

Image Credit:
NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington


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