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By flsongbird
I wanted to post a picture of a blue cross necklace that I found in my jewelry box upon returning from Medjugorje. You can read the whole story here: ... lue-cross/

But just yesterday my mom found the same EXACT cross at Church. Amazing! That one was meant for her. Gifts from Heaven!

Love and prayers,
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By Maryh
Jenn your not going to believe this but I found almost the exact same cross as that in a church also that was located in a sea- side town. :)
Its just like that design except it has red stones in the centre and at each of the four corners & little clear stones radiating out from the
little 'starburst' centre design.

Such a co-incidence; Should i try to upload it too as a 'SNAP'.......I'll call mine the 'red-cross' have a 'blue one',,,,,Divine mercy kind of colors!! Unless there are other colours out there! :lol:
Never thought of it as a 'gift from heaven before'. Such a lovely way to look at it! :D

How you happened upon your 'blue-cross' sounds the most mysterious of all however. Very amazing!
By flsongbird
Thanks Maryh! I'd love to see a picture of yours! It was just so odd for me to come home and find it after spending time at the actual Blue Cross in Medjugorje. It was one of my favorite spots. And then to have my mom find the exact same one was just amazing! I think the things we find, especially when we're not looking for them, are definitely made to be special gifts. :)
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By Maryh
Now here it is Jenn..SNAP... :D
I agree it must have been so odd to find it in your personal belongings without ever having come across it before!
Weird but wonderful! :)
When I first seen my 'red-cross' I couldn't believe how unusual & unique it was too. I'd never seen anything like it before. Its a small light weight flat little cross. I had kept it on a plate containing potpourri so it smells really nice too.
I think they are almost the exact same.....with the same little pattern apart from the different colors and stones! What are the chances???
IMG_20131014_0006_NEW Red Cross.jpg
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By Maryh
Speaking of surprising crosses too...'cross' shaped flowers started to grow randomly in an old container in my garden. They were growing 'in the wild'....the container was just in the middle of all nettles & brambles and everything. They were like symbols of hope to me & seemed really significant because of some really hard personal things I was going through.
I have no recollection of planting these & had never seen the like in all my life neither. lol
I looked it up and the name of them were 'garden rockets'.
It made me consider that God can make beautiful things out of 'the cross' & all the crosses we have to carry too!
25l cross shaped flowers.jpg
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By Maryh
I don't mind at all...feel free. I'd be delighted my picture plays some small part. It really is quite a God-incidence because these crosses are not common at all. :)
The stones on my cross reminds me of the precious blood of Jesus because of the red color & the clear stones reminds me of the water that gushed forth from the heart of Jesus...
How its described in the 'divine mercy' prayer.
But now after hearing your story, because my cross has 'stones' & yours doesn't its reminding me to pay more attention to
those 'stones' Our Lady speaks about in Medjugorje. I've never been yet you see! I have Knock shrine in Ireland so I don't really feel the need to go yet.
Does anyone know off the top of their heads...what are those 'stones' again?? I've forgotten them!! :?
By flsongbird
Thanks so much! It reminded me of the wounds of Christ too! I actually called my Mom to tell her and told her exactly that! The stones are prayer with the heart, receiving the Eucharist, reading the Bible, fasting, and monthly confession. I'm sure Our Lady will let you know if she wants you to go to Medjugorje! I hope to get to Knock someday! :)
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By Maryh
Oh that's right yes! I could definitely do with working on some of those stones!
Thanks Jenn.
I've been trying to see if this cross is common & I've come to the conclusion that they're old style crosses.
There was a stone cross called 'the Ruthwell Cross' that was found from the 8th century that had that same 'vine' pattern too, ... ell-cross/

So during an internet search I seen something with the similar floral type filigree pattern on sale & it was described as a 'True vine Cross'
The vine being representative of our union with Christ.
"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without me you can do nothing." John 15:5.
Seems like these crosses have great symbolism in their design. I'm even more appreciative of it now than when I first found it! :D
The Ruthwell Cross with Vine design!
img_7884VINECROSS.jpg (21.38 KiB) Viewed 6327 times
I_am_the_vine75.jpg (81.72 KiB) Viewed 6328 times
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Sounds like: Brace yourselves.

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