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Has anyone who has been to Medjugorje ever seen an English guy called Tom Moore?
He was born in 1971 and is of medium height and has a beard which has a touch of ginger.
He is like a holy man, wanted to be like St Francis of Assissi, he was very religious. He usually carries a rosary and a crucifix and a bible. He liked wearing white. He left home many years ago and has never returned. We would love to know if he is still alive - we have heard nothing in 12 years. We know he went to Ancona in Italy because he drew out some money there. As he had twice been to Medjugorje before he finally departed we have often wondered whether he has been there since. We have checked three times in the last few years but sadly not found him.
The reason he left was probably because he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia by his doctor. Luckily he was not a violent type, always gentle and peace loving. He did not like taking medication, which is why he left I think. We love him very much and if he is happy wherever he is that is wonderful. However, if he is ill or in pain or in a dangerous situation we would desperately like to help him.
Please contact us if you think you've seen him.
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