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By cjneely
Hi i'm new and my name is lneely, I like to know something from you when did she live when she got into Eygpt with Joseph and there son?

1. Tell me alittle about Joseph that I may not know about yet.

2. Ask me a question about Joseph?

3. What happened to Joseph and Mary and there son in Eygpt?
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By mamamary
hi cj!

welcome to the forum!! baptist, catholic or any where in between, we are all so precious to Our Lady and her Son!

since one of your questions was about the Holy Family during their flight to Eygpt, you may find this apparition of great interest. This miraculous phenomena occured in Eygpt during the 1960s and was witnessed by several thousands of all different faiths!

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By TracyWhite
anyone who hasn't seen this link, it really is amazing! Blessed be the Virgin Mary and how lucky those people to have seen such a beautiful sight!

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