Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By josephlee
Although I have not been to Medjugorje, I TRY to fast twice a week, and the effects are sometimes wonderfull. I notice that on Thursday mornings I feel flooded by inner peace that derives from having fasted the day before. It is pleasant feeling in the heart and soul. And it is better not to rush into Thursday bearkfast but let the peace linger until about 10 AM. -- But how difficult it is to fast ! harder than praying...
I think that is why some rigid catholics are so opposed to Medj, because they don't want to fast, only pray.
Also, I have to admit that on Saturdays I will sometimes "pig-out" on brunch , and then regret having over-eaten, because the Peace than came from fasting is suddenly all gone....
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By LittleRed
Thank you Josephlee :D .....

Is there anyone who has it easy fasting? :lol: :lol: .......I don`t know anyone like that.......

I did move your post to the proper section Josephlee...

Bless, Sharon
By leo daly
I find it easier to eat nothing. Eating small amounts triggers hunger, just like the entree before a meal. Fasting can make you feel good after it is finished. Though I haven't quite found the same peace.

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By Andy08
I find fasting to be extremely important in my spiritual life. It is especially powerful in making the day peaceful and holy when combined with Holy Mass, and if possible confesson and communion. Even better if I get to mass early to pray the rosary with our congregation before daily mass. I cannot go to daily mass every fast day but when I can the tone for a peaceful day is set and often can last the entire day.

I had a woman say to me today--I fasted and went to church today before I had to be at work--"Are you always so peaceful and calm?" I was surprised by her comment, but glad to here it.

prayers for my husband please.

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