Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By NancyD
There are many of us out there who have some form of diabetes. I'm sure you have questions as I do, on the safety of fasting as a diabetic. As a nurse, my specialty was always in end of life care. I am not well versed in diabetes care. When I have questions, I ask my physician. The following information is for educational purposes only. Always seek medical advice before starting to fast. This information concerns non- insulin dependent diabetes.

I am non- insulin diabetic. I take pills not insulin to control my diabetes. I recently asked my physician if it is safe for me to fast. He said yes. But... He instructed that I needed to take my blood sugar in the morning. Depending on the reading, I may or may not have to take my medication. Then I am to check my blood sugar again at normal lunch time. And again at night before "dinner".

Because we fast on bread, this is carbohydrates which turn into sugar in your blood. There will be spikes of higher blood sugar. If you don't eat enough bread, you risk developing hypoglycemia or too low blood sugar. I need to plan when I am going to take bread. I drink water through the day.

I have not had any lows in blood sugar when fasting, bit if I did, I would take a glucose tablet. I typically fast from midnight Thursday until 10 or 11 PM on Friday. Then I have something to eat that contains protein.

I find it very easy to fast. Also, because I am retired, I can decrease my hunger by "living softly". That means placing less demand for calories, which contols hunger.

Always consult your physician first! For me, he said it was safe.
God Bless You in Your Life and Fasting
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By pablovb
hope there is a doctor in the forum?? ;) as a friend I advised you,next friday tell our lady to help you, she will lisend you for sure, because if we fast I think we become instruments (her extended hands as she call as to be in her messages)to help so many other people far from God far from the peace .

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