Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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I do sometimes wake up hungry but usually not. Sometimes the lack of appetite in the morning feels like an invitation to continue the fast, which I don't do. The thing I race to on the day after a fast is my morning coffee. I am surprised at how hungry I am when I go to sleep and how that hunger is gone in the morning.

I have been fasting today, and it feels so uncomfortable over the last few hours - difficult for me to concentrate on anything else at the moment, including prayer. Time is now just gone 6pm - if I recall rightly wasn't the trad. Jewish based fasting of the early church from 6am to 6pm? I think I will have a modest and light repast this evening, and gently condition my mind and body to more prolonged 'self discipline'. If a small repast helps me to focus on prayer and helps me sleep, perhaps it can't be all bad? :?

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is still a tad weak. They do say God loves those who try, and I am certainly trying! :wink:

Peace and love.
Andy08 wrote:Mt Carmel,

I find that if I stay busy in the evening on fast days it helps. Cleaning up around the house is my chosen task in the evening. I also go to sleep earlier which shortens the day. Good luck.

i have read on others replies(threads) that fasting does not always have to be food you can give something else up that you like or need to do like watching the tv for a week i think i read this on the forum i will have to have another look at fasting twice a weel wed and friday bread and water is not too difficult?sadie
You bet I splurge!!! Oh well!!! Strangely I find the stricter the fast the easier to fight temptations...really tough when you only give up only a couple of things when you are pregnant and have food cravings!!!

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