Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By Justme
Thought I'd like to share this with you... Have a good fasting day next Friday! :D

10 Good Reasons to Fast

1. Feel how it is to be poor
Our Lady invites us twice a week to fast. Twice a week you can get a bit of the feeling how it is to be poor. Think of all the hungry and starving people worldwide and remember, that they cannot look forward to a good meal when the 24 hour fast has ended, like you.
2. Fasting is healthy
Often we eat too much, sometimes also too much unhealthy food such as sugared and fatty foods. If you take a break of unnecessary nutrition, you’re body will benefit from it.
3. Server others
If you have a family, you will notice that whilst fasting it can be a pleasure to serve others who are not fasting – such as children. You will find satisfaction in pleasing others by serving them. Remember “The greatest among you shall be your server.” (Matt 23:11)
4. Time for prayer and talk
During fasting you will notice that you actually gain time. It’s the time you would be using for preparing food and eating. You can use this saved time for prayer and for talk with your family members and friends or for doing hobbies such as reading a good book.
5. Praying and fasting gives spiritual strength
Jesus already mentioned that you need to fast and pray to defeat evil. “This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.” (Mark 9:29)
6. Sense of achievement
After fasting you will have a sense of achievement. Overcoming the desire to eat makes you feel strong. You are then in control over your body and not converse.
7. Improvement on your way to holiness
By fasting you can advance on your way on to holiness. To become a saint is not just for a few chosen, it is a duty of all of us. Benedict XVI. and Mother Teresa have both been speaking likewise about becoming saints nowadays.
8. Save money
Fasting twice a week keeps your budget lower.
9. Don’t waste but appreciate
During fasting you will notice that you get to value food more. After fasting you appreciate nutrition more because you have felt how it is to be without or with little. During fasting you do not waste food because you’re not overeating.
10. Obedience
Last but not least: by fasting you are following our heavenly mother’s invitation and doing God’s will.
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By rising_suns
Thank you for the list! This is why Our Lady wants us to fast; She wants us to be happy, and to help Her in saving souls. The formula is so simple; prayer and fasting. We do not know how many souls can be saved through fasting, but it must be many if Our Lady has continually asked this of us!

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