Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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When I was in Medjugorje, the one thing I noticed about the more traditional fasting bread, is that it seemed very oily. After researching this more, and experimenting with different ingredients, I have discovered that fat is an important ingredient if you want a filling bread. The fats from the oils/butter compliments the carbs, to provide a more substantial and filling meal (fat actually contains twice as much energy as carbs or protein). If you have problems with feeling light-headed, then try adding fats to your bread, and it will probably go away. Keep in mind that store-bought bread is essentially just carbs, so it will not be as filling or nutritious.

I have included a sample recipe below, which is purely for substance/nutrition. It requires little/no kneeding or rising time. Simply mix the ingredients until it forms a ball, and bake in the oven. It bakes very easily to a very heavy hearty filling bread, packed with nutrients.

Eggs have the most complete source of protein, and also provide good fats. So this is one of my favorite bread recipies. The recipe is very simple: UPDATED 7/6/2011

2 CUP - White/Wheat Flour
5 Eggs (preferably cage free/organic, as they have more nutrients and less cholesterol)
1/4 CUP - warm Water
1/4 cup butter or margarin
1 Tablespoon - Yeast
1 teaspoon - sea salt
Two scoops whey protein

For those who have never baked bread before: DIRECTIONS:
1. Thoroughly mix yeast and warm water (make sure yeast is all dissolved, or the bread won't rise properly)
3. Then add everything else, together in a bowl
4. Stir until it all forms a big ball (you may need to add more water if it clumps. It is ok if the ball is moist.)
5. Stir more. It is best if you kneed the bread, but it is not necessary. You can simulate kneeding just by stiring the ball around in the bowl, over, around, and over again for a couple minutes.
6.bake in oven at 350* for 45 minutes.
7. Done!

TASTE: Since this recipe is only for the base ingredients, I did not add anything for taste. You may choose to add additional flavor to it if you'd like, such as garlic. I would avoid adding sugar/honey/syrup to breads, however, to avoid contributing to a sugar addiction. If you eat alot of sugar in your diet already (juices, coffee, etc.), then it may be best to first focus on giving up sugar from your diet.
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Thanks for the recipe, I have never baked bread before but will try this. I want to start fasting on Wed. & Fridays but have tried and find myself very light headed at work. I work around food and that makes it even more of a sacrifice but cannot afford to pass out or get shakes. I cannot figure out why in Medjugorje we fasted and climbed a Mt Krisevec the same day and did not even notice it, yet back in the real world it is so much harder. I guess that is why Our Lady calls us to do it. Praise God

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