Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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I know this may be a simplistic, overly obvious question. But if I fast will a deliver me from my sweet addiction? I'm not addicted to all foods just sweet foods. It is really serious and it is no joke. I know the Blessed Mother said the fasting could stop wars. And Jesus said this type of demon will only come out through prayer and fasting. So I'm sure the fasting can deliver me.
AnotherMe....I have the same problem....I am a sugar fiend to no end.....and I have had a hard time giving up sweets, especially chocolate....this has plagued me for a long time....so shortly before Lent I just simply said out loud I was giving up chocolate.... and sweets and regular soda....and I have not had any since and I actually feel pretty good(no cravings).....I don`t know if stating it out loud is what worked for me.....but I knew I had to cut it out cold turkey......Hope you are able to stop the sugar cravings.....

Bless, Sharon

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