Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By AnotherMe
Today I was fasting. I realize the value of fasting as a means of getting closer to Christ. On a earthly level, I can also afford to lose a few pounds.
This morning I made a good start fasting. The only thing I allowed myself was several cups of coffee with only milk. I continued to fast until 12:30 today. Then I binged. I consumed approximately 1500 calories. Oh well... I still have the rest of the day and evening to attempt to fast and pray until tomorrow. Thursday is a new day in which I can attempt to fast successfully.
By Evania1
We are both so similar! I think the important thing is not to feel despair and give up. Just keep fasting. After a binge, just get back on the wagon. The important thing is our desire to do the right thing because that's what Our Lord is asking us through His Mother. Thankfully, God knows our weaknesses in advance and will meet us where we are. Keep pressing on, my friend!

God Bless!
By nativesinger
I am struggling too in fasting. I even said during the holidays, that I will quit fasting in the new year. But somehow, I cannot quit. How can I not follow the message of Our Blessed Mother? I feel too guilty, plus I really need the combination of Prayer n Fasting to battle the evil that has been trying to ruin my family. I simply cannot quit fasting. All I hoping now is for the Lord to guide me and give me strength to carry on task of battling evil. I'm the only one of the eight men in our Medugorje pilgrimage group that continues to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. Some of the guys tried it a few times, but the novelty wore off I guess? I am not overweight or anything like that. I play ice hockey twice a week. Thank God that my hockey schedule doesn't fall on my fast days. I am grateful of the changes that happened in my life since I started fasting a year ago. My teenage son is struggling with drugs and the attitude that comes from using drugs. I certainly hope that we will win this battle someday. My only ammo is prayer and fasting, confession, the holy mass, bible reading and just trying to live the messages.
Dear All,

It is said that FASTING IS the hardest of the messages to start, continue and maintain!! I truly believe it. I have tried it since my first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1988. I have been completely successful only a miniscual times. I keep trying. I had a one sided conversation with the Blessed Mother (BVM) in order to justify my lack of success in fasting. I made a compromise with the BVM after a myriad of failed attempts to fast for a complete the 24 hour cycle. I told her that I would give up certain "favorites" FOREVER in order to comply with her fast request. The "FOREVER" fast is ALSO just as difficult. I have given up many of my earthly pleasures to obtain my miracles. It just wasn't enough. I now also give up meat on Wednesdays and Fridays if I cannot fast all day. My mother was gravely ill for 4 months and finally succumbed to Parkinson's on Dec 27, 2013. It was difficult energy wise to fast and carry on a full time job along with caring for her 24/7. I thought it would be easier to fast now that she was not part of my life but to no avail. I have given up. My miracle of her life did not happen with my humble and incomplete forms of fasting. I am in limbo. I have begun to indulge in things that I have given up forever. I am disappointed in God for taking my mother from me. I realize that there will come a point of acceptance to God's will but for now I have a tremendous emptiness. I have given up MANY things that I love to eat and drink for my miracles. I have fallen off the wagon like an alcoholic or an addicted person. I realized how they feel and desire their want.
SOOOO....... I say to all-----Donnot loose heart or the fight!!! I truly believe that the BVM and God know our sincere intend, desire and will to fast.

Love in Christ,
By nativesinger
I didn't complete my fast yesterday. I had temptations which I ended up giving up at the 12th hour of my fast. I felt bad about it, however, I went on my day not eating as much as how I normally do on off days. I look forward to continue to fast on both Wednesday's and Friday's. I know it's hard, but thats something that I seriously must work on. I admit that I am not strong when it comes down to important obligations such as fasting. I just hope that I get strenght by those who support me and from the Good Lord who always watches over me.

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