Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By AnotherMe
I hear fasting difficult. But you're right. Fasting during the cold weather is just so much harder. It's around 8 degrees up here now. :( I didn't try to past today.
By flsongbird
Fasting is most difficult if there's no one fasting with you. Now that I have this forum for support, I know I'm not alone and it's a bit easier. My fiancé doesn't fast and my son gives up only snacks for fasting so the most difficult time is right now--cooking dinner for them but not for me. I'm hanging in there though. I wasn't able to do the bread and water fast for a long time because I first had to break my coffee addiction. I always got headaches. Now I have only two cups a day except fast days and no headaches. :) I just get even more hungry in cold weather. My body thinks it's going into hibernation mode I guess lol! And I end up craving warm drinks like coffee! I sure hope the graces that will come from today's fast are great and that Our Lady's intentions are granted!
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