Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By myoregan
A quick question- what is the best thing to do in the following situation? - On Wednesdays or Fridays if one is visiting a friend or staying somewhere etc and one is offered something to eat etc should one say that they are fasting and cannot eat or keep silent about fasting and eat what is offered and fast on another day instead?

Scripture talks about not letting others know you are fasting.

Does anyone know what Our Lady wishes us to do in these circumstances?

God bless,
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By irish m
I try to plan those two days that I don't have too be with ones that I would have to say that i am fasting
God Bless irish m
By Gillespio
http://medjugorjeetlagospa.blogspot.fr/ ... 2-Csfl_uSo

in french

It is interesting to know that Medjugorje, people never fast when an important religious holiday (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Assumption ...) falls on a Wednesday or Friday.

In this case, they fast the night before (only for dinner).

conclusion : you can fast tuesday or thursday (the day before the meeting with your friend)
Dar All,

sometimes I have forgotten on Fast Days that I was fasting. Last week May 6th was national nurses day. My boss bought us all pizza on May 7th ( a belated gift). I remembered in the middle of my eating a slice of pizza. I took off the meat then my boss who is a Morman chastised me for ruining her "gift to me". I guess that I should of just continued eating. My husband cooked dinner for me on the Wednesday which was his day off. It was steak (my favorite). I could not very well refuse to eat or he might not cook for me in the future. I promised the BVM that I would fast on meat on Wednesdays and Fridays if I could not totally fast on bread and water. In the vein of Bluecross, I fast with my heart on those days when I forget, a special occasion happens or I just cant finish the race. I compensate by saying that I fasted 24 hours because the fast started from 6pm Tuesday to 6pm Wednesday. I ultimately say to myself " the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" and then ask the BVM to forgive me for not continuing. We fall but keep picking ourselves up!!!

Love in Christ
By leo daly
I changed to Mondays and Wednesdays as it would so often happen someone would bring a cake in or we'd go out to lunch on Fridays.
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By gtc
My Pastor spoke about this a few weeks ago at Mass. Essentially what he said is that if something comes up, fast on another day. He brought up the example that you are invited to a friend's house and they are having steak for dinner on Friday during Lent. He said fast on Saturday instead.

It was a practical approach.

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