Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By Malena85


So delighted to see you back on the forum.... I was wondering how you were doing!

One of the visionaries in Medju. said that we can eat as much bread as we like.... and Fr. Slavko said while in Ireland that we have no excuse at all here in Ireland with all the nutricious breads we have here! I really don't think anyone can get ill because of fasting on bread and water. A lot of times when we think we are hungry, we are actually dehydrated and it is water we need instead of food!! There are very good brown breads with different types of seeds in them, and also spelt bread is very good.

Enda, :D to see your name back on forum :!:

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By starbright
It doesn't do the body any harm to go without food for a day.
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By missy
At the grocery store go to the bakery section and get some traditional rustic french or italian bread...Challah bread is even better b/c it has eggs in it. There are also quick mixes for beer bread which is hearty and has more calories too. There are also croissants and english muffins in a pinch. Sometimes I put butter and even some fruit spread. I have four small kids and am nursing so I fast only until 4 or 5 pm. I also have tea or fruit juice since I have to drive to pick up my kids during school and don't want to keel over at the wheel. I also dip bread into aolive oil for extra calories. I'm not as strict a faster as I could or should be, but I want to make sure it is safe enough where I am nursing. If you want to fast strictly get some hearty and decent bread. Eat as much as you need not to pass out. Hope this helps...God bless and good luck!! Also helps to pray a lot beforehand to be able to do it successfully!!!

:D :D
By timberhollow
I usually pick up two whole wheat bagels at the bakery. Have a bagel for breakfast, pick on a whole wheat pita during the day, and another whole wheat bagel at night. They seem to fill me up.
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I also find bagels very filling, especially the ones with whole grain and seeds. If I start to feel light headed, I spread a little jam on the bagels

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By Credo
enda77 wrote:So does anyone have any tips on how I can fast in a way that will not effect my bodily health?
Hey enda77! :)

For healthy individuals, as long as you drink plenty of fresh water, there are absolutely no health risks associated with a 24-hour fast. Although everyone’s experience is different, for some people the symptoms experienced during a fast may be an indication that they have mild hypoglycemia. Your doctor can request a simple blood test in the lab to determine serum glucose/triglyceride levels while fasting, thereby confirming or discounting this possibility.

Although experts in conventional and naturopathic medicine continue to disagree regarding this claim, it is also commonly suggested that fasting actually has health benefits due to its detoxification/cleansing effects on vital organs. Though not conclusively substantiated by medical evidence, to realize such therapeutic effects a more prolonged fast would definitely be required.

The longest complete fast (abstinence) that I’ve ever undertaken spanned across seven consecutive days. The first two days were definitely the most difficult. Once this initial hurtle had passed, the digestive system tends to slow down considerably. Very quickly the appetite dissipates. As the week progressed, I actually began to feel better and better. Surprisingly, though I typically have a huge appetite, by day 4 of the fast, I had lost all interest in food. There were no ill-effects following this fast. Although some people may argue that it was the ‘placebo effect,’ it’s my firm belief that this fast improved my energy levels and overall feeling of wellbeing for several months. Many, many, many people have undertaken 40-day fasts without any adverse health complications. Preparations must be made for such lengthy fasts to ensure that you do not shock your metabolism and that the potential need for essential vitamins and trace minerals is not overlooked. (One of things that is most striking during a prolonged fast is the amount of extra time that is suddenly available. It’s surprising how much time we spend eating!)

Regarding the Medjugorje single-day fast (i.e., bread & water), I’ve always found this to be more difficult than consuming only water. The bread sitting in my stomach tends to stimulate my digestive system - making hunger even worse. Consequently, I often ‘cheat’ (:lol:) by not consuming anything… only lots of water.

As you know, Our Lady of Medjugorje is not the originator of the practice of fasting for spiritual reasons. This practice goes way, way, way back in history. Sacred Scripture (OT & NT) frequently prescribes fasting.

Try adding a very small amount of 100% pure maple syrup (not the artificial stuff) to your drinking water on fast days (1 teaspoon per large glass of water). This may help stabilize your glucose levels somewhat.

Peace & Blessings! :D
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By starbright
As always, clear and detailed information from Credo. I really appreciate that about your posts. Thanks!
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By mamamary
i find the same problem, credo....any bit of food in my tummy gets the digestive system going! so i 'cheat' in the same way. no food. for me, it's much easier.

similarly, for lunch i will have a mug or two of chicken broth, and during the day, i will have a cup or two of hot tea with a teaspoon of honey. like you, the bit of sugar keeps the blood sugar levels on an even keel....
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By Credo
Thanks for the kind words, Starbright!

Do you suppose, MamaMary, that we’ll both lose ‘merit points’ for cheating on the Friday fast? :lol:

There are many people who seem to experience acute somatic and emotional symptoms while ‘fasting’ (e.g., headaches, gastrointestinal problems, lethargy, concentration problems, irritability, nervousness, various aches and pains, insomnia, etc.). Understandably, these individuals often give up ‘fasting’ because the experience is simply too agonizing.

Although I’m NOT a physician, based on personal reading that I’ve done over the years, it’s my belief that the vast majority of these symptoms can probably be attributed to a form of ‘drug’ withdrawal syndrome (Opponent-Process Theory). Now that I’ve got your attention - let me explain. :wink:

Most of us have large amounts of highly-processed foods and refined sugars in our diets. If you start reading food labels, you’ll quickly discover that these are commonplace. As a recent scientific study (2002) has shown, in many respects, these sugars (and simple carbohydrates) have drug-like effects when withheld during periods of fasting: http://www.princeton.edu/pr/news/02/q2/0620-hoebel.htm

For the more academically-inclined readers, here is the complete published article: http://www.saber.ula.ve/db/ssaber/Edocs ... ittent.pdf

Typically, those individuals who significantly reduce their overall consumption of refined sugars (and processed/simple carbohydrates) will have the fewest symptomatic problems while ‘fasting.’ Simply stated, reducing the regular intake of any ‘drug’ (e.g., sugar) will also reduce the withdrawal symptoms when it is withheld (as on fast days). Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule... as there may be other causes for the discomfort.

To learn more about the very important differences between simple (processed) and complex (unrefined) carbohydrates, please read this article: http://men.webmd.com/features/sugar-what-kinds-eat-when *

(*The above is a five-page article. Don't forget to ‘click’ on the page numbers located at the bottom of the article.)

The production and marketing of sugar is a multibillion dollar industry. Increasingly, however, science is beginning to reveal the potential dangers of refined sugars. If you’re not convinced, check this out: http://www.rheumatic.org/sugar.htm

To make ‘fasting’ less agonizing (so that you can also concentrate and pray), try to acquire healthier eating habits during the other six (or five) days of the week. This decisive shift towards a healthier lifestyle can also become a form of sacrifice which is united with the Paschal Mystery of Christ. As well, it represents a commendable effort to be better stewards of our bodies… which are so “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

Peace & Blessings! :D
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By Andy08
Probably more healthy than all the stuff we put into our bodies on non fast days. I have never felt or noticed any ill effects other than being hungry or psychologically craving some food I don't really need.
By pandaiii
i could never fast on the bread that is available in the us.

please get a bread machine

and get a couple of recipes. You wont believe the difference.

night and day.

half whole wheat-spelt-rye tastes AND FEELS nothing like the bread we buy.
when you have this you will see fasting is much more palitable.

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By Stephen
There are many things one can fast on, My poor Advice to you is to Pray and drink plenty of water.

a person can survive a long time on just water.
but then again we see how St.Ignatius of Loyola took it to the extreme and ruptured his stomach and had to walk around with a walking stick for the rest of his life. so Just be careful :D

1 day cant do any harm.
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By scottishguy
enda77 wrote:I was just curious about the actual physical effects of fasting.
I know Our Lady says not to fast if we are sick but in a way, does anyone ever get sick from fasting?
I am not questioning or doubting Our Ladys messages but personally I always have a low energy when fasting and like vicka I am "raiding the fridge at midnight".

My family does eat a lot of meat, and the only bread we have is bread that you toast.
So I usually olnly eat about 3-4 slices on fasting days.
They are only 94 calories a slice so thats only about 380 (guess) calories in a day. I believe the recomended calorie intake is 1500. So does anyone have any tips on how I can fast in a way that will not effect my bodily health?

God Bless
yes eat more toast
By jonehaze
When I tried Simplifast, not only did I lose ten pounds in three days, but by sticking with the program, by day three I was able to sleep better, rest better and feel better. This delicious, all-natural beverage is both highly satisfying and immediately filling as a hunger suppressant. One of the best parts is that I don't have to spend valuable time mixing all types of juices and ingredients in a measuring cup or tinkering with a blender. Just open and drink on arrival. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to rid the body of toxins, to lose weight.
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By Andy08

i don't think a sub-caloric day will seriously harm your body. In fact, some recent research shows that people who eat less calories per day live longer than those who consume more.

You might want to check with your doctor if your health is less than optimal, but one look at the generations of poverty that has come to light in Haiti shows that one can survive a long time on almost starving levels of food. I think most of us are fortunate to only have to fast and not starve.

I think the feeling of hunger on fast days is the idea. It is suppose to feel like a sacrifice--a mortification for Our Lady's intention. At least that is my understanding of it as I practice it.

God's Peace,

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By rising_suns
Credo wrote:Typically, those individuals who significantly reduce their overall consumption of refined sugars (and processed/simple carbohydrates) will have the fewest symptomatic problems while ‘fasting.’ Simply stated, reducing the regular intake of any ‘drug’ (e.g., sugar) will also reduce the withdrawal symptoms when it is withheld (as on fast days).
I have found this to be true as well. As soon as I stopped adding sugar to my diet (fruit-juice, coffee, etc.), my cravings for food gradually stopped. It was difficult during the first couple moths, because you get so used to sugar, and do not realize that it is in so much of our food, even things like ketchup, barbeque sauce, mustard, yogurt, etc.... But after a few months or so, the cravings subside completely. It is to the point now that anything that I eat that has sugar in it tastes overly-sweetened to me.

I was on a road trip the other day, and decided to try a chocolate chip cookie (from Subway) for the first time in maybe years. It tasted like a soft brick of sugar that was dyed brown, literally.

This video about sugar shocked me when I first saw it;

I have found the video to be the most thorough examination of the harmful effects of sugar in the American diet.

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By Andy08
Hi Everyone,

Another component of fasting that is sometimes overlooked is the freedom that occurs on fast days. One does not have to cook, go to the market, does not have to prepare meals, or go out for dinner. I never realized how much time, effort and energy is put into eating. Thinking about what to eat, what is needed from the market, taking time to cook, eat and clean up after each meal. Fasting days require none of these tasks. It opens up, literally, hours for prayer and contemplation. It simplifies the day. I have come to look forward to these days that seem to take on a quiet and calmness that other days during the week do not have, at least not yet.

Happy New Year Everyone! May Gods Peace be with you always.

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By Andy08
I trust Sr. Emmanuel. One thing that most people advise is to find your own way with fasting. I think it is like this with Our beautiful faith in many ways. One can choose a saint to pray to, a devotion to include in prayer life, a mission like each visionary has. We are so fortunate to have such flexibilty. In the midst of the stones of Medjugorje there is great and varied ways to live a faithfilled life. Even to the choice of the kind of bread to eat on fast days. If this recipe feels more like eating donuts rather than less enjoyable bread I think it is safe to alter the recipe. I'm not comfortable eating rasins and nuts on fast days but others may be okay with it. Follow your heart.

Sr. Emmanuel on her fasting CD says, (and I'm paraphrasing--imagine this being said with her French accent) "You can fast on Monday instead of Wednesday if you cannot fast on Wednesday for some reason. You know Our Lady is not a fasting police woman who is laying down the law about fasting, noooo, fast with love and she will accept it with love.

I go to a local bakery Tuesday and pick up a hearty flax seed bread. I usually toast it. It's not tasty but it is fresh and filling. It's part of my weekly ritual.

Peace, and Happy New Year All,

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By rising_suns
That is important as well; not to demand greater austerity from each other, but to gently encourage one another to give of ourselves more each day, as Our Lady requests.

There are many ways we can help each other increase in love, and encouraging one another to gradually add small sacrifices is one of them.

This can take the form of avoiding adding raisins to our bread, or increasing our prayer time, or something else--however the heart is inspired to proceed.

The important part is that we do not become stagnant, but increase our efforts to become converted, avoiding the mindset of "what is the barest minimum I can do".



P.S. For the sake of charity, please watch the video I linked to in my previous post. The Catholic faith not only concerns it with the soul, but with the body as well. It is thus important for us to know our bodies, and as St. Teresa says, not to allow them to govern us (I'm relating this to food addiction).

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