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By athenacp
Prayer to Honor the Name of Mary

O Mary, each time I say thy Name, I want to thank the Holy Trinity for having created thee so beautiful and full of grace. I want to honor thine Immaculate Conception, thy Divine Maternity, and thy glorious Assumption.

O Mary, each time I say thy Name, I want to unite myself with thee in co-offering all the Masses which are being celebrated throughout the world, in order to offer to Jesus through thine Immaculate Heart my actions, my prayers, my joys and my troubles each and every moment of my life.

O Mary, each time I say thy Name, I want to confide to thee those whom I love and those to whom I wish to do good, especially: . . .

I wish to receive from Jesus through thee all the graces of which I am in
need: spiritual graces and temporal favors, especially: . . .

O Mary, each time I say thy Name, I want to remind thee that I am thy child and that thou art my Mother. Help me as thou didst help Jesus. Protect me as thou didst protect Jesus.
When I call thee, Mary, remember me!

It would be most efficacious to recite this prayer at the beginning of each day, preferably before our daily Rosary or before any chaplet. The name of Mary is mentioned no less than 106 times in the Rosary and at least once in most chaplets.
By Enam60
The most powerful Devine Prayer and As flowers Granting Our Blessed Virgin Holy Mother Saint Mary is when we pray one secret of Five Rosary Prayer Secrets each day then an angel from Heaven comes And Put A flower In Our Holy Mother's Crown thats what really when we pray for Her Rosary Prayer so let us imagine if hundreds believers pray Rosary Prayer For Glorifying Her Holyhood how many flowers that angels put in Her Crown. So please Let us all pray For Her Holyhood Rosary Prayer every day because we crowning Her with Flowers by this way.

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