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By athenacp
(I am going to try to post these daily-these are from JohnofGod)

Starting today, I'd like to present 31 prayerful Marian reflections for the month of September by Rev. Rawley Myers. While not traditionally a "Marian month," there are a number of known and lesser-known feast days:

September 6 - First Saturday
September 8 - Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary
September 12 - the Most Holy Name of Mary
September 15 - Our Lady of Sorrows
September 19 - Our Lady of La Salette
September 24 - Our Lady of Ransom

- John

1st Day - Our Intercessor with God

Mary prays for us before God's throne.

Mary prays that Jesus will change our weak hearts and make them strong and loving, just as at Cana He changed the water into wine. Our hearts so often are as weak as water and they must be changed into the wine of unselfish love. But we cannot do this alone.

Mary knows this best of all, and so she begs her Son to assist us. This is her prayer, for she knows that Jesus can make our hearts brave, as He did the cowardly hearts of the Apostles through sending the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

Comfortable Christians, of course, do not want to change. They have been lulled into complacency. They spend too much time in their overstuffed chairs watching TV. Mary's prayers are our hope.

She will help us be true Christ-followers, people who, like Christ, aid others. A Christian unwilling to make sacrifices for others is not really a Christian at all. A Christian is to imitate Christ. Christ gave His life for others.

They are all around us timid, fearful, cold souls, afraid to love. Jesus taught us how to love. We must teach others. Like Jesus we must have open hearts. Like our dear Blessed Mother, we must show love in our lives. That is the best way to teach, by example.


Dearest Mary, loving Mother of God, help of Christians, Gate of Heaven, assist us. You are the most blessed of all creatures and the most loved by Jesus. You are our Mother also and we your children are devoted to you.

Mother, as Jesus loved you, help us to love you. We are most grateful that Jesus generously gave you to us to be our Mother, our helper, our protector. Please take care of us and our families and our loved ones and all who are in need. Amen.
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By athenacp
2nd Day - Model of Humility

Mary's humility drew God to her.

Humility is the beginning of wisdom. Our dear Blessed Mother gave us a beautiful example of humility, and so she is the Seat of Wisdom. She shows us that the humble can do great things. Humility is a virtue not of our nothingness but of God's greatness.

All the great things pride cannot do, humility can do easily. The will that loses its pride gains its strength. Humble souls know that God has chosen them because they are little. Humility keeps the head clear, and nothing is so necessary in the spiritual life as keeping the head clear.

With humble hearts, like Mary, we can help others. Like Jesus, we can "go about doing good." And in so doing, we are imparting the art of love. This lesson of ours is taken to heart by others because we are not pompous and haughty. Jesus said His followers must be servants. He Himself gave us the beautiful example of washing the feet of the Apostles at the Last Supper. Mary too taught love so well because always in helping others she was so humble and gracious.

What the world needs most these days is love. Not just to sing about it or talk about it, but for Christ-followers to show His love. We need people like Mary willing to give but expecting nothing in return. They do not ask, "What's in it for me?" They are giving individuals. Such people are indeed true Christians.


Dear Blessed Mother, you show me that when I do God's will I am praising Him best of all. Glory to His Holy Name. You, O Mother, are the greatest of the saints, and you are my wonderful Mother in heaven. Your greatest desire is to help us, your children.

I pray to you, I praise you, I love you, dear Mother. The words of the Bible apply to you, "You are all fair, O my love; and there is no spot in you...Who is this who comes like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun?" Amen.
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By athenacp
3rd Day - Exemplar of Generosity

In her generosity Mary appeared to St. Bernadette.

Our heavenly Mother shows us that real love is not self-centered. In fact, selfish love is not love at all. Love is something we give away. True love is thinking of others and helping them. Such love is difficult for us because we have grown up in a pleasure-loving society. TV has brainwashed us into thinking that comfort, pleasure, and entertainment are the goals of life. How different was His holy Mother.

Mary prays daily that we, her children, will be more generous, like her Son. Her hope is that all her children will be like Jesus.

Many today have countless possessions, but they are not happy. You cannot buy happiness. It's not for sale. You can own everything in the world and still be unhappy. Indeed some of the most wretched people are the richest. For possessions are external, and happiness is in the heart. We gain happiness by giving it away. As St. Francis of Assisi said, "It is in giving that we receive."

Though many are comfortable and have much more than their parents, Bishop Sheen has said, "There never was a time in the history of the world when more people were more unhappy than they are today." Mary, generous, gracious, giving, reaching out to help her neighbors in need in Nazareth, shows us the way to be happy.


Loving Mother, I bless you. With the angel Gabriel I say, "Blessed are you among women." You are fairest of all creatures, the most beautiful individual to ever come from the hand of God. Thank you, Mother, for your generosity in bringing Jesus into the world amid many trials; thank you for helping me so much; thank you for looking after me and my beloved ones.

Thank you, Mary, for standing beside Jesus when everyone else had run away. Thank you, thank you for so many things, my Blessed Mother. Amen.
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By athenacp
4th Day - Christ-Bearer

Mary shows Christ to human beings.

People are looking for Christ in Christians. They want to see Jesus. His disciples in the world now are supposed to show Christ by our kindness. Do others see Jesus in observing you? A person who claims to be a Christ-follower should act like Christ. There is no doubt that when people looked at the Blessed Mother, they thought of Jesus.

What Christianity needs today is not bigger churches but better Christians in them. Jesus is not interested in fine buildings; He is interested in kinder individuals. It is not fancy buildings that make a good parish; it is love in the hearts of the parishioners.

Mary prays daily that the love of Jesus will be stirred up in our hearts. Christ promised to be with His followers until the end of time. But He cannot be seen by others unless Christians show His love.

When we are petty, humorless, angry, are we true to Christ? How can those outside the Church believe that we are disciples of the gentle Jesus? When Christians are gloomy and pessimistic, unbelievers remark, "They say that Christ is with them, but they act no differently than we do." And Mary's heart fills with sorrow.

A Christ-follower lacking in love keeps people away from Christ. But when the faithful, like Mary, are loving, gracious, smiling, and generous, others are attracted to our Lord.


O Mary, God adorned you with multiple gifts and graces. The angel Gabriel said you were full of grace. O gracious Mother, how loving you are and how worthy of our praise and gratitude.

We thank you for giving divine wisdom to the world. Through you the Redeemer came to us to save us. Through you the Son of God entered time and told us the message of heaven. Light dispelled our darkness because you, dear Mary, said Yes to God. We are grateful. We thank you with all our hearts. Amen.
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By athenacp

Jesus, Mary and Joseph at work

For most of us when we think about Mary, meditate on her and contemplate her glorious, majestic and all-inspiring person, we probably see her in the posture of prayer. This is more than logical, correct and worthy of praise and promotion! Nonetheless, it is also true that Mary had a very active life. This is easy for us to forget.

MARY OF NAZARETH. In Nazareth we could call Mary the perfect “Contemplative in action.” This means in concrete terms that Mary was a woman of the most profound prayer life—she was constantly in deep union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Still, in the family life of Nazareth Mary was very active. For this reason, Mary can be the model for so many people, but especially workers and most especially home-makers.

The fruit of Mary’s prayer life, her deep contemplative union with God, was poured out like a libation in service to the two persons that she loved most on earth—her husband and Son, Saint Joseph and Jesus. Likewise our prayer life should over-flow and spill over into our active life of service, especially to those who are closest to us—our family members! Remember: charity begins at home!

Holy Family as model for work

Now, in this short contemplation, let us try to imagine what might be a typical day in the life of Mary of Nazareth. Imagine it and how do you think it was like? Saint Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises encourages us to contemplate the life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the family life of Nazareth. Let’s try it!

MARY’S FIRST FRUITS. I cannot imagine Mary “sleeping in” ever, can you? Very early in the morning I imagine Mary, upon waking, immediately giving her first-fruits to God by praising Him and thanking Him for another day of existence. So should we start our days!

FAMILY WORK. Possibly afterward, try to imagine Mary preparing a frugal breakfast for these hard-laborers that we call “Carpenters.” Mary was always thinking of how to please God in serving others—what an example for all of us!

WATER. We take so many things for granted and one of these is the availability of running water or if you like bottled spring water. Not so in the time of Mary! Running, faucet water did not exist. Rather, the acquisition of water was a real chore, hard work, to say the least. WELLS! Women had to travel on foot to wells with a jug that they would carry and often on their heads. No air-conditioned cars and easy service! Upon arriving at the well, most likely there were other women there for the same purpose—to draw water for the needs of their families. This meant that Mary most likely had to wait in line and she did it with the greatest patience. Are you patient when you have to wait? Then after drawing the water from the well, Mary had to carry it home, most likely with the jug on her head!

At the Carpenter shop

CLEAN HOUSE. Her home would obviously be exposed to the entrance of dirt, dust, and debris. Therefore, on a daily basis Mary would carry out the mundane duty of sweeping her home. This was done with joy and no complaints; it was done methodically and orderly and it was done with love because she wanted a clean home to which Joseph and Jesus could return after a hard-days’ work.

WASHING AND DRYING. Back then electricity did not exist and therefore, washing machines and dryers, which facilitate our modern society immensely, these modern luxuries did not even exist and would not exist for centuries into the future. It is easy for us to take for granted what we have and what they did not have.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph in nature

COOKING. Eat and run, fast food services, and gourmet restaurants are all modern realities. Mary had to cook to feed her hungry husband and Son after their hard day work in the carpenter shop of Nazareth. Carpentry was a hard and demanding profession and of course demanded energies and calories. With the utmost attention and love, Mary prepared the evening meals for Joseph and Jesus. Everything Mary did was done with love, care, attention and perfection. Of course Mary always had the most noble of intentions—love for God in the humble service of her neighbor, even more important, her husband and Son. How easy it is for the modern mother, wife, and home-maker to become bored, jaded, and even angry at times over the simple fact that she has to prepare the dinner meal for her family! If only these home-makers could contemplate the example of Mary and the great love that she had in her daily chores—cooking included—then their lives would be much more enthusiastic, energized and life-giving! May our Lady help us!

Joseph teaching Jesus to read

WASHING AND CLEANING. I cannot imagine Mary insisting on Saint Joseph and Jesus “doing their part” in having them wash the dishes and utensils after the meal was concluded. On the contrary, Mary cooked the meal, prepared the table, had a warm and loving meal with her husband and Son, but was then the first to lift the table and clean the dishes—all done with gratitude for God’s gifts, with love and with overflowing joy and simplicity. How much we indeed can learn from the family at Nazareth and the shining example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the “Contemplative in action.” Indeed Mary had a deep contemplative prayer life and union with God. Still, Mary put into practice the fruits of her prayer life in loving service to her beloved husband and Son, Jesus the Son of Mary and of the carpenter.


CLOSING SUGGESTION. Why not start today to upgrade your own domestic life and chores? Why not do a meditation on a typical day of Mary, the house-wife, home-maker, wife and mother at Nazareth. Then, starting now, offer your work to Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a gift of love. Finally, as you go about your daily chores, why not ask Our Lady of Nazareth to be with you, to accompany you in your daily chores, in every little action. Holiness does not depend so much on the greatness of the action, but in the love that accompanies every little action. Holiness, in imitation of Mary of Nazareth, depends on doing the ordinary things of daily life with extraordinary love. Our Lady of Nazareth pray for us and inspire us to be truly “Contemplatives in action.”

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Example of the Holy Family

Work is good for us! Why? Jesus taught us the importance of work by spending most of His time on earth in Nazareth with Mary His Mother and Saint Joseph, His foster-father. Among the many activities that Jesus carried out was that of WORK. True! Saint Joseph taught Jesus the hard and demanding work of a carpenter. No electric helps back then! Nailing, and sawing and sanding and adjusting wood to construct tables, doors, chairs, etc. This indeed was hard-work.

In my private meditations I have often imagined Jesus and Saint Joseph arriving home after a hard-day’s work. Imagine them. Exhausted, drenched with sweat, their hair filled with saw-dust, their hands grimy and calloused. This was not on occasions, but day after day!

This being the case, in a world where the importance of the work-ethic has largely gone by the wayside, where many choose the easy-path of not working or cutting corners, where laziness and indolence is all the more prevalent, we would like to present positive reasons why we should truly value work in its many dimensions, shapes and forms and embrace the work ethic all the days of our short lives on earth. St. Paul says, “Work out your salvation in fear and trembling.” Saint Albert Hurtado stated: “There are two places to rest while on earth: the cemetery and heaven.” Let us work hard in this short stay on earth and then we can rest forever in heaven with Jesus, Mary and good Saint Joseph!

Following are some reasons to motivate us to embrace a more serious work ethic so as to perfect our lives on a human level, but even more on a spiritual level. Here are five specific points to motivate us.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph at work

1. IMITATION OF JESUS, MARY, AND ST. JOSEPH. At Nazareth, where Jesus spent most of His life on earth, He lived the family life, which consisted of loving and obeying His parents, prayer to His heavenly Father, but also Jesus worked and He worked hard—that of a carpenter. Therefore, one very clear reason for work is to imitate Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph; they are our models in everything and that includes dedication to work. The three of them worked hard, orderly and methodically and for the honor and glory of God! Such should be our work ethic!

Mother Teresa and a work of love

2. CHARITY TOWARDS OTHERS. Another reason and positive effect of work well-done is that it can be turned into a service of love towards others. An industrious mother and wife that spends long hours in the kitchen both cooking, preparing and cleaning can indeed be very hard work, but it can also be an act of service towards others as well as an act of charity. Saint Paul reminds us to purify our motives: “Whether you eat or drink do all for the honor and glory of God.”

You thought your day was tough?

3. AVOID MANY TEMPTATIONS TO SIN. Saint John Bosco, the well-known patron of the young, experienced a mortal fear every year at the same time. Vacation time for the young! Why? For the simple reason that many of his young would leave the Oratory, where the young worked hard all year at study, sports and other activities, and now they would return to a home where they had too much free time. The proverb rings so true: “Idleness is the workshop of the devil.” If the young person does not have anything to do then the devil will give him a lot to do in great abundance. Hard work and diligence in work is a key means to conquer the devil and his allies!

St. John Bosco teaches them to work

4. ETERNITY AND ETERNAL RECOMPENSE. The Word of God teaches us constantly that we will get our reward or punishment on the quality of our lives and how we utilize out time, treasures and talents. Look at the lives and the example of the saints and how hard they prayed, but also how hard they worked. The motto of Saint Benedict was “Ora et Labora”—translated—Pray and work! The great Doctor of the Church and patron of moral theologians and great lover of Mary, St. Alphonsus, made a private vow which consisted of simply this: NOT WASTING A MOMENT OF HIS TIME! Honestly, all of the saints strive to live the spirit of this private vow of Saint Alphonsus. Life is short and time indeed is of the essence. A modern Chilean and Jesuit Saint, who died in his early fifties of pancreatic cancer, Saint Alberto Hurtado expressed it succinctly: “There are two places to rest: the cemetery and heaven.”

Learn from the hard-working ant!

5. GOOD EXAMPLE TO OTHERS. We all know how true it is that we often follow the example of others, be it for good or be it for evil. The Hispanics have a proverb: “El ejemplo arrastra”—translated: “Example drags or pulls!” I remember as a child SATURDAYS! I actually hated Saturday mornings for the simple reason that my father made me, my older brother and then eventually the younger ones work and work hard. I indeed hated Saturdays. However, I do have to admit that the boys worked hard but saw the harder work and example of Dad! In all honesty, he worked harder and better than his sons. In other words, he preached the ethic of work, not so much by many words, but by the power of example, his own hard work-ethic!
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By athenacp
5th Day - Doer of God's Will

Mary accepted God's will for her.

When the angel came to Mary, she immediately replied that whatever God wished she wished. And so "the Word was made flesh." The greatest event in all of history took place because Mary consented. She could have said No, but she said Yes.

May we become like our Mother. God wants each of us to do His will. It is in this way that we will be happy. God has a special assignment for each of us; great or small is not important. The important thing is to do as our heavenly Father desires. God wants to use you, as He used Mary, to give His love to the world. We are all called to be channels of kindness. Our vocation is to add to the love in the world.

If we pray to the Blessed Mother, she will help us fulfill our vocation. Then we will be kinder to our family, our neighbors, and those in need. We will make our world, small as it is, a better place.

Jesus is our model. He came to bring the love of God to us. He established a kingdom of love on earth. We are His disciples. We are also to spread the love of God. We are to be His instruments for doing good.

The more we know and love Jesus, the more we will follow Him. Mary, who knew Him better than anyone, will help us know Him more. Let us pray to our Blessed Mother for this great blessing.


The world was plunged into darkness and despair before you said Yes to God, dear Mary. We can never begin to repay you for consenting to be the Mother of the Savior. You never thought of yourself or the difficulties involved, but only that you could help us. Thank you, dearest Mother, thank you.

O Blessed Lady, you are our example. We are timid and tearful; help us to have a little of your courage and faith. We are afraid; give us a little of your beautiful trust in God. We are in need of greater faith and hope; Mother, pray for us. Amen.
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By athenacp
6th Day - Helper of Others

Mary went to visit and help Elizabeth.

Mary all her life reached out to help others. With a warm word, a cheerful smile, a gracious act of kindness, Mary made her neighbors feel better. May we be more like her. Do we write a little note of cheer or make a telephone call to show our concern, or go to our neighbor in need?

There are so many people around us who are lonely. We can make their whole day happier by showing a little interest in them, by visiting them, by saying a few cheerful words. Too many who call themselves Christians say, "I don't want to interfere," but what they really mean is, "I don't want to be bothered."

Mary will help us to be kinder, if we ask her. She will give us the strength to do the nice thing, to go the extra mile. It was her prayers and her beautiful example that held the Apostles together when Jesus returned to heaven. They wanted to run away, as they had run away in the Garden of Gethsemane, but Mary was there. No creature prayed the way she prayed. And they prayed with her, and the Holy Spirit came to them at Pentecost, and they became true Apostles, bold and brave.

Let us then pray to Mary for her assistance. How powerful her prayers are. Did not Jesus at the wedding feast change His mind because she asked Him to? As she gave strength to the Apostles, she will give us courage. She will help us be more like Christ in assisting others.


We know that we cannot really help people, but Jesus can. We ask you, Mother, to beg Him for the graces we all need and especially we pray for those who are troubled and forlorn. Ask Him to heal in soul and body both us and them.

No doubt you said to the people in Nazareth, "I cannot help you, but my Son can. I will tell my Son about you and ask Him to assist you. He will do something for you, I am sure." Please, Mary, ask your Son to help us now. Thank you very much. Amen.
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By athenacp
7th Day - Model of True Devotion

Mary dedicated herself to God from the time she entered the Temple as a child.

Your Mother in heaven loves you very much. She expects good things from you. Like all mothers, Mary expects you to succeed. She believes in you, and she wishes to increase your faith and hope.

Mary wishes you success, but, of course, success to her is not the same as success to the world. Success to Mary means that you will become more Christlike. Nothing else matters. Kindness is the measure of Christian success. Are you a kind person? Are you working at being kinder? Do you try to do at least one kind thing for someone every day?

Money, power, and popularity are not the signs of Christian success. Kindness is. These other things are unimportant to Mary. To her, the whole purpose of life is to open your heart and let out the love Jesus has given you. She wants you to share His love with others.

First, we must give our love to God. We should be grateful to our heavenly Father for His countless daily blessings. We can show our appreciation by helping our neighbor, as God has helped us.

Our Mother wants us to make room for the love of Jesus in our hearts. We please her when we please her Son. And we please Him by reaching out to our neighbor in need. Too many spend their time in fruitless self-pity. They think of themselves too much and feel sorry for themselves. The cure for loneliness is to help others, as Jesus did.


A child often resembles its mother. We pray to you, dear Mary, that we may be more like you. You are the most loving and understanding creature of all.

Your Son emptied Himself for us, giving His life to save us. By this He freed us from the slavery of sin. You, O Mother, know how much it cost Him to die for us; you stood beneath the Cross and watched Him die. He loved us unto death. Please do not let all this sorrow and suffering be in vain. Help me, Mother. Bless me and assist me. Amen.
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By athenacp
8th Day - Mother of Life and Light and Beauty

Mary is the "brilliant star" to whom our prayers rise like incense.

With childlike pleading we turn to Mary, our Mother, calling to her for help. As a child, we want our Mother. Her mercy is great beyond words, and we beg her assistance. We ask her to weave a garment of love to warm our hearts and protect us from the cold world.

We beseech her to send the angels to look after us and our home and family. She is God's masterpiece, the Queen of heaven and earth, the glory of the people, brilliant star, delight of the faithful.

St. Gertrude said of her, "Hail, white lily of the Holy Trinity; hail, beautiful flower of God, please feed our souls with your goodness."

We ask Mary to use her great influence to gain graces for us, for we are weak and frail like small children, but we are her children. Jesus gave us to her. St. Gertrude addressed her as "the radiant rose of heavenly fragrance, red and effulgent, Daughter of the Eternal Father, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Virgin most glorious, most meek, sweet, compassionate and gracious."

Mary is our refuge, our delight, stream of everlasting life, never-failing spring of blessings, and consoler of the sorrowing. An old Irish litany calls her "Sun of all maidens, full moon of beauty, Mother of generosity, melody of the harp, heart without sin." And it concludes: "O Virgin, Mother, may I go to heaven to visit you!"


Mother of life and light and beauty, come to us. Mother undefiled, Virgin blessed beyond compare, sweet love, great Lady, guide of pilgrims, strength of our weakness, riches of our poverty, healer of our pain, comforter of our worries, hope of our salvation, Mother of all good things, Mother of the Redeemer and His constant companion, help us, please do help us and bless us and gain for us the graces we need, for we are your small children and we do not know the way. Thank you, Mother. Amen.
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By athenacp
Birth of Mary

Father of mercy,
give our people help
and strength from heaven.
The birth of the
Virgin Mary's Son
was the dawn
of our salvation.
May this celebration
of her birthday
bring us closer
to lasting peace.

Grant this through
our Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Son,
who lives and reigns
with You and the
Holy Spirit,
one God,
for ever and ever.

Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Sept. 8

"Come, one and all, let us joyfully celebrate the birth of the joy of all the world! Today, departing from the nature of earth, heaven has been formed upon earth. This day is the beginning of the world's salvation." (St. John Damascene)

September 8 is a special day for Christians all over the world because on this day we celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus our Lord. Today is nine months after December 8, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Nothing is said about the birth of Mary in the Bible. The source for the story of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Protoevangelium of James, an apocryphal Gospel written about A.D. 150. From it, we learn the names of Mary's parents, Joachim and Anna, as well as the tradition that the couple was childless until an angel appeared to Anna and told her that she would conceive.

The Holy Mother Church celebrates the earthly birthday of Mary because she continues to live in the hearts and minds of every Christian. She continues to inspire us to live our lives meaningfully and joyfully even in the midst of hardships and disappointments.
She continues to be an instrument of God's grace for us who are in most need of Divine providence. She continues to shelter us with her mantle of maternal protection. She continues and will never cease to be a mother for us all a mother who cares and guides, a mother who nurtures and comforts her children in times of distress, a mother who leads her own to the right path.

We thank the Lord today for giving us such an example of a true disciple of the Lord. As the first follower of Jesus Christ, she gave her all and dedicated her entire life for the cause of the Kingdom of God. She inspired the apostles of Jesus until the very end of her earthly life.
We continue to celebrate Mary's birth because we share in the joy of her life. It is a time to look at her life lived to the fullest, and imitate her example of obedience, purity, generosity, and total commitment to the Lord. May this be an occasion for us to commit ourselves to follow her and love Jesus wholeheartedly. This is the greatest birthday present we can offer Mary on her birthday. This is our commitment to the Lord.

"Who can accompany us better on this demanding journey of holiness than Mary? Who can teach us to adore Christ better than she? May she help especially the new generations to recognize the true face of God in Christ and to worship, love and serve Him with total dedication." (Pope Benedict XVI, August 7, 2005)

"Mary is the full-of-grace woman, chosen and prepared by God to bear and bring up his Son, the world's Saviour .... The Mother of the Eucharist ardently desires to share its graces with us from her privileged position next to her Son's tabernacle-throne." (Mary and the Eucharist)

"If our life were not under Mary's protection, we might tremble for our perseverance and salvation." (St. Peter Julian Eymard)

"Mary is the house and the palace of the Great King, of God Himself. Our Lord, the co-equal Son of God, once dwelt in her. He was her guest; nay, more than a guest, for a guest comes into a house as well as leaves it. But Our Lord was actually born in this Holy house. He took His flesh and His blood from this house, from the flesh, from the veins of Mary. Rightly then was she made to be of pure gold, because she was to give of that gold to form the body of the Son of God. She was GOLDEN in her conception, GOLDEN in her birth. She went through the fire of her suffering, life gold in the furnace, and when she ascended on high, she was, in the words of our hymn, Above all the Angels in glory untold, Standing next to the King in a vesture of gold." (Blessed John Henry Newman)
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By athenacp
9th Day - Our Most Loving Mother

Mary watched lovingly over Jesus on earth.

We look to Mary, Mother of orphans, for we are like little lost children in the darkness of this world. She is the ladder to heaven, as an eighth century prayer calls her. She is "our life, our sweetness, and our hope." As she said, "All generations shall call me blessed."

The Church has ever thrilled with devotion to Mary. In loving her, we imitate Jesus who loved her most of all.

In the fullness of time, God sent His Son, born of Mary. God chose a Mother worthy of His Son. She was the first holy tabernacle. No nobler one can be thought of. But best of all for us, she is our Mother. Our child's heart pleads for her to come to our assistance. We beg, childlike, to be aided by her prayers.

St. Stanislaus was asked how much he loved Mary and said, "She is my Mother. What else can I say?"

The glory of Our Lady is her Son. We, like Jesus, blessedly respect her as our Mother. Like a small child, we hold fast to her.

In this life we cannot expect to understand everything about God's plans. Even Mary did not. "She kept all these things, pondering them in her heart." There is no reason why we small creatures should comprehend the great master plan of the Creator. But we do know what a mother is and we know Mary is our Mother. A mother is the most loving person on earth, and Mary is the most loving mother.


Beloved Mother, in you the heavens exult and the earth rejoices and the angels sing praise to you and we poor pilgrims glory in the fact that we are your children. St. Anthony of Padua said, "The Name of Mary has ever been joy to the heart and honey to the mouth."

We ask, Mother, that by your loving intercession we may be delivered from evil here on earth and attain the eternal joy of heaven. We rejoice in you, Mary, our Mother, and we reverence you for all your goodness. Amen.
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By athenacp
10th Day - Our Protector against Evil

Mary obtains the sweetness of God's grace for us.

God was pleased with Mary. She was not compelled to assent to His request that she be the Mother of the Messiah. She could have said No. A spiritual writer tells us that all nature held its breath awaiting her answer. And her answer was immediate and affirmative. Although she was free to have said No to God, she could never say No to Him, so great was her love. She quickly replied that she wanted only to do God's will.

And so Mary gave birth to the Child, nursed Him, and protected Him, took care of Him, loved Him, trained Him, taught Him, and she never left Him. And, oh, how she suffered for Him. Mary was rich in grace, full of unselfish love. She, a woman of constant kindness, is Our Lady of Grace. She is God's treasure, the Mother of all human beings.

A child can forget its mother, but a mother can never forget her child. And this is even more true of our Blessed Mother. And so we petition her to protect us from evil. The devil goes about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour and destroy all, but especially those closest to Christ. But Mary who hates sin conquers evil.

She comes to our assistance, as did our own mother when we were small and cried for her. The evil one assaults us, but Mary is far more powerful than he. As St. Alphonsus said, "Protect me, Mother, and I need not fear."

Mary, like the loving mother that she is, is waiting to come to our aid, to bring us new life, sweetness and hope.


O Lady Mary, Mother of God, have mercy on us. Deliver us from danger, O glorious Mother, and grant to us, who lovingly honor you, your help and protection. By your intercession keep us from sin and the bondage of the evil one.

Hail, Holy Mary, who brought forth the King, come to our assistance. Blessed are you, O gracious Mary, in your kindness. Mercifully grant that we who approach you and ask for good things may rejoice to obtain them. Amen.
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11th Day - Exemplar of Union with Jesus

Mary's heart was ever united with Jesus - even in suffering.

We trust Mary's heart to be always near. Like a good mother, she is ever teaching us. Your mother was your first teacher and your best teacher. So was Mary.

Our Mother Mary seeks to have her children pray and do penance, for she knows well, in her wondrous wisdom, that this is the way to happiness and heaven. This has always been her message when she appeared in the world. We must pray and sacrifice so that we will grow closer to Christ. Prayer and penance purify the soul and empty the heart of pride, so her Son can come in. Because she is full of mercy and loves us so much, she wishes this for us. She wants her children to be happy, and this is the only way to happiness.

Mary has no greater desire than to make us Christlike. Dante said she is the one "by whom the key did open to God's love."

Mary is Mother Most Amiable. She, the first tabernacle, is lovely, loving, and lovable. Jesus loves Mary most of all. He loves her not only because she was His Mother but also because she is filled with goodness and beauty of soul. He loved her as a baby, as a child, and as an adult. She was the person closest to Christ. She was always near Him, at least in spirit. Her thoughts and heart were ever with Him, even when He was far away.

Mary was the first to hold Him in her arms; He heard her soothing voice, and looked into her loving eyes. She was His all in all. He was everything to her. Through their intimate association, their hearts were as one.


Nourish us, possess us, govern us, help us to grow in love, dear Mary.

Mother of God, immaculate, innocent, spotless, holy, sinless, more beautiful than beauty, dwelling-place of Jesus, pure as the snow, Mother, Queen of Home and Family, bless our family, parents and children. Marriage is so sacred to God that He made it a great sacrament. Bless all marriages, Mother. You knew the joy of the Holy Family; give grace to our family. Amen.
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12th Day - Model of True Greatness

Mary attained true greatness by her holiness.

Mary has many titles of great beauty. She is the sinless one, though she lived in the world in the midst of sin; she is Mother Most Pure. Her prayers are powerful. We call her Help of Christians. She intervenes and intercedes for her children. She takes us in her loving arms and carries us along, as she did the Christ Child. What an inspiration to know she is always near.

Jesus was ever a part of Mary's existence, and the all-holy Son of Mary loved her with the most beautiful love in the world. He remembered her singing Him lullabies, teaching Him His prayers, telling Him Bible stories, working, cleaning, washing, cooking, sweeping, and yet always having time for Him. And He returned her gracious love with gratitude. Should we do less?

We marvel at the goodness of our Mother. We admire her, honor her, and bless her. How magnificent she is. No wonder she has so much influence with her Son. Joyfully we congratulate her, especially for her loving humility, never taking any credit for herself.

Beautiful Lady, we cherish you deep in our hearts. Bountiful Lady, we are grateful for your generous graces.

Grace comes from her like rain, and it is as welcome to our souls as moisture to a desert flower.


We implore humbly the help of our Mother, dear Mary. Bless our homes. May all hearts in our homes be kind and courteous and considerate and loving.

Dear Mother. Hear our pleas and prayers.

Virgin Rose, so great in virtue, beauty and charm; O loving Mother, come. Assist us in our helplessness. Bring love to our lives; we live in a drab and often loveless world. We sing of your goodness, Blessed Mother, and we know that you will help us.

We feel your motherly arms around us, dear Mary, and we know that we are safe. The wonder of your love is with us. You will guide us home to God. Amen.
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13th Day - Our Advocate

As Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mary has the power to help us.

Mary is our advocate. She pleads for us. She is the Mother of Good Counsel. She guides us. Let us listen to our Mother. We spend too much time watching television and taking on the worldly philosophy which tells us comfort and pleasure are the goals of life. This is not what Jesus taught. That is not what our Mother tells us.

Mothers are wise. Mary knows what is best for you. She knows well the way to heaven, and it is not in making money and piling up possessions, so we have no time for her Son. We will be wise if we listen to her, Seat of Wisdom, and serve Jesus.

We are often at the crossroads in life. Follow Mary. We often suffer. Follow Mary, who knew many sorrows. When we imitate her example of quiet prayer and faith, when we live according to her motherly counsel, with humility, we live after the heart of her own Son. We like children are ignorant of spiritual things. Our Lady, prudent and knowing, tells us that the reason for our existence is to be Christlike.

Mary's whole life was a continual prayer. A good person is a prayer. Mary was always thinking of Jesus. Because she prayed, great were her graces. Because she prayed, she saw clearly. She can help us for we have many muddled ideas.


May Christ our true God have mercy on us and save us by the prayers of His spotless and all-pure Mother. She is Our Lady, Refuge of Sinners, and Our Lady of Grace, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Show us, dear Mother, your blessings. Hoping in you, we will not fail. You will rescue us.

We admire your humility, Mary. Because we are poor sinners, ignorant, and we are often proud. Help us to be humble. We ask your mercy. You are the joy of the just and the door through which sinners pass to heaven to be with God, our gracious Father. There is no sinner on earth so accursed as to be deprived of your mercy, Mother. You told St. Bridget this. So we sinners ask your help. Amen.
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"O name of Mary! Joy in the heart, honey in the mouth, melody to the ear of Her devout clients!" - St. Anthony of Padua

Holy Name of Mary

O Almighty God,
Who beholdest Thy servants
earnestly desirous
of placing themselves
under the shadow
of the name and protection
of the Most Holy Virgin Mary,
vouchsafe, we beseech Thee,
that by her
charitable intercession,
we may be delivered from all
evil on earth,
and may arrive
at everlasting joys
in Heaven,
through Jesus Christ
Our Lord.

The devils revealed to Francis of Yepes, the brother of St. John of the Cross, that three things especially tormented them. The first is the NAME OF JESUS; the second, the NAME OF MARY; and third, the BROWN SCAPULAR OF OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL.

Take shelter
under Our Lady's mantle,
and do not fear.
She will give you
all you need.
She is very rich,
and besides
is so very generous
with her children,
especially the smallest,
like you.
So take advantage
without fear
and with complete confidence,
whenever you need anything.
She loves giving.

Blessed Raphalea Mary
Foundress of the Handmaids
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Litany of the Holy Name of Mary

The Feast of the Holy Name of Mary was established by Pope Innocent XI upon the victory of Christian forces against the Moslems beseiging Vienna in 1683. This litany, reflecting the nature of the feast, is for private devotion.

Lord, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Son of Mary, hear us.
Son of Mary, graciously hear us.

Heavenly Father, of Whom Mary is the Daughter, have mercy on us.
Eternal Word, of Whom Mary is the Mother, have mercy on us.
Holy Spirit, of Whom Mary is the Spouse, have mercy on us.
Divine Trinity, of Whom Mary is the Handmaid, have mercy on us.

Mary, Mother of the Living God, pray for us
Mary, daughter of the Light Eternal, pray for us
Mary, our light, pray for us
Mary, our sister, pray for us
Mary, flower of Jesse, pray for us
Mary, issue of kings, pray for us
Mary, chief work of God, pray for us
Mary, the beloved of God, pray for us
Mary, Immaculate Virgin, pray for us
Mary, all fair, pray for us
Mary, light in darkness, pray for us
Mary, our sure rest, pray for us
Mary, house of God, pray for us
Mary, sanctuary of the Lord, pray for us
Mary, altar of the Divinity, pray for us
Mary, Virgin Mother, pray for us
Mary, embracing your Infant God, pray for us
Mary, reposing with Eternal Wisdom, pray for us
Mary, ocean of bitterness, pray for us
Mary, Star of the Sea, pray for us
Mary, suffering with your only Son, pray for us
Mary, pierced with a sword of sorrow, pray for us
Mary, torn with a cruel wound, pray for us
Mary, sorrowful even unto death, pray for us
Mary, bereft of all consolation, pray for us
Mary, submissive to the law of God, pray for us
Mary, standing by the Cross of Jesus, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady, pray for us
Mary, Our Queen, pray for us
Mary, Queen of glory, pray for us
Mary, glory of the Church Triumphant, pray for us
Mary, Blessed Queen, pray for us
Mary, advocate of the Church Militant, pray for us
Mary, Queen of Mercy, pray for us
Mary, consoler of the Church Suffering, pray for us
Mary, exalted above the angels,
Mary, crowned with twelve stars, pray for us
Mary, fair as the moon, pray for us
Mary, bright as the sun, pray for us
Mary, distinguished above all, pray for us
Mary, seated at the right hand of Jesus, pray for us
Mary, our hope, pray for us
Mary, our sweetness, pray for us
Mary, glory of Jerusalem, pray for us
Mary, joy of Israel, pray for us
Mary, honor of our people, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Loreto, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Dolors, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Mercy, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Victory, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of La Trappe, pray for us
Mary, Our Lady of Divine Providence, pray for us

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord Jesus.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord Jesus.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us, O Lord Jesus.

Son of Mary, hear us.
Son of Mary, graciously hear us.

I will declare your name unto my brethren.
I will praise you in the assembly of the faithful.

Let Us Pray

O Almighty God, Who beholds Thy servants earnestly desiring to place themselves under the shadow of the name and protection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, grant, we beseech You, that by her charitable intercession, we may be delivered from all evil on earth, and may arrive at everlasting joys in Heaven, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.
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14th Day - Our Model and Helper

God chose Mary and filled her with grace and glory.

The Blessed Mother is our beautiful model. She shows us how to live. At the Annunciation she said to God, "I will," and because of this God was once more admitted into the world among His children. We are grateful for her unselfish and gracious goodness in making it possible for Jesus to come to us.

Cardinal Newman wrote, "She is not like earthly beauty, but the morning star, bright and musical, breathing purity, infusing peace. We in the dark night, wandering in the bleak wilderness, implore God to guide us to her Son and home."

Not only is Mary our model, but she is our most willing helper. Cardinal Newman said, "God gave us Mary for a support in our weakness. She is the Mother of all the living, hope for the weak, a refuge for our sinfulness, a comforter of the afflicted. We kiss the hem of her garment and kneel in the shadow of her throne. We admire her as a woman of fortitude and self-surrender. And now in heaven, she is full of grace and glory."

This is our Mother, our help and our hope, and we must turn to her frequently in prayer. We ask our beloved Mother to speak to her Son for us. St. Bernard said, "Following Mary, you will never lose your way. Praying to her, you will never sink into despair....With her support, you will never fall....And with her help, you will reach your heavenly goal."


Holy Mary, Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God, I choose you for my Mother and advocate. Let me not depart from you today, but help me to do my duty. Let me be your devoted servant: assist me in all my actions, and forsake me not at the hour of my death. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.

I fly to your patronage, O holy Mother of God; despise not my petitions but deliver me from danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. Amen.
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15th Day - Angel of Mercy

Mary showed the Angel Gabriel the same hospitality she showed all others.

When people came to Mary at Nazareth, she always helped them. We cannot conceive of anyone knocking on her door and asking for aid leaving empty-handed. If she was this gracious when she was on earth, now that she is in heaven, the Queen of Heaven, closer still to Christ, she is even more gracious.

Not only did Mary not turn anyone away, she invited in wayfarers. She asked them to sit down with Jesus and Joseph and herself at their table, and they would share their food with the travelers. And if it was cold and their visitors had nowhere to sleep, Mary would fix blankets for them by the fire and give them shelter for the night.

We can think of Mary doing nothing less. If persons were sick in the village, she was there. She brought food and comfort and cleaned their house and helped them any way she could. Everyone in need knew this loving angel of mercy.

We too should turn to her for help. She is not just a friend or neighbor; she is our Mother. Children have a right to ask their mother for assistance. When we are worried and cannot see our way, let us pray to her and the clouds will lift.

She is the Seat of Mercy and she pities us in our trials. She is especially concerned with those who are sick of soul, captives of sin. In our feeble way we look to our Mother and know that she will never fail us.


Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Mother, keep me from sin. Protect me in all dangers of soul and body. Help me today in my work; help me to be faithful to you so that I may glorify God and save my soul.

Holy Mother Mary, I place myself under your powerful protection and ask the help of your intercession. Immaculate Virgin, beautiful Mother, Morning Star, light the way for me so that I may follow the path of Jesus. May I this day be cheerful, pleasant, and kind in my dealings with others. Amen.
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16th Day - Our Intercessor at Death

Mary can give us the sweet grace of a happy death.

Cardinal Newman wrote, "Place me under Mary's smile. It will be blessed indeed to have her at your side at the hour of death, as we pray so often in the Hail Mary, for she is more tender than any earthly mother. If she is there, all will be well; and if we strive to be faithful, she will be there. And she will take you home with her to see her Son in heaven where there is perfect peace and serene joy and love unutterable."

Mary is full of grace. Sin had no part in her. She showed so beautifully what God can do with human nature if a person lets Him. Mary reversed the Fall, and yet she would be the first to say that her glories were for the sake of Jesus, given her by God.

Mary is "our tainted nature's solitary boast," as the English poet Wordsworth said. She from the first was clothed in sanctity. She is grace and smiling light. God meant in the beginning to walk with human beings in the world, but humanity in pride rejected Him. He then had to choose another way. And so He came to a young maiden in Nazareth and asked her to admit Him again into His world. Her answer was an immediate Yes.

We ask our Blessed Mother to exert over our hearts a gentle sway, so that we may be ever faithful to Jesus, her Son. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote, "It is a constant tradition of the Catholic Church that anyone truly devoted to Mary is never lost."


We ask you, Mary, with Jesus and Joseph, to give us a happy death. Assist us in our last agony. May we breathe forth our soul in peace with you. We offer you our heart and soul; may we one day be with you in heaven.

We ask you, Mary with Jesus and Joseph, to give those who have died eternal rest. Let perpetual light shine upon them. May they know the glory and love and light and joy of heaven.

Holy Mother, I place myself under your blue mantle of love. Look with kindness upon me, a poor sinner, your little, loving child. Amen.
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17th Day - Model of Resignation to God's Will

Mary's beauty of soul pleased God.

For thirty years Mary saw and heard Jesus and conversed with Him daily. He was the light of her life, her joy, her inspiration, her everything. He gave not a look but that she understood it better than if He had expressed a thousand words. And to pray with Him each day was like paradise: it made her heart soar and her soul feel on fire.

Mary had taught Him His prayers in the beginning, but He soon, even as a boy, overtook her in devotion and intensity. To look at His face when He was at prayer was to see that He was out of this world, lost in God.

Finally, however, there came the time when He would deny Himself His dear Mother's love and affection. He must serve the Father. He had to leave her and go out and preach to the people. It was such a sadness for Mary, but she accepted it with courage. Though there was nothing she wanted more than to be with Him, she knew He must leave her.

The dread day of departure came. They needed no words to say good-bye. They looked at one another, and each understood perfectly. She smiled, and in silence He left her, turning His back on His days of greatest happiness. She watched Him until He disappeared. Returning to the empty house, she knelt and prayed. Her heart broke in two, but as always she offered her suffering to God.


Most holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, our tender Mother, help of Christians, we dedicate ourselves to your most sweet love and holy service. We consecrate our minds and hearts to your Son, Jesus. Continue to show us your mercy. Enlighten and strengthen us. Preserve us in our faith. Make us always loyal to Jesus.

Increase the number of those who love your Son. Promote vocations. Look with compassion on the young and direct them in the ways of Jesus. And look with love on all poor sinners and on all those who are dying today. Be for all, our sweet hope, O Mary. Amen.
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18th Day - Cause of Our Joy

Mary joined herself to the sufferings Jesus endured for our salvation.

Mary is merciful, and so we pray, "Open to us the door of mercy, dear Mother." Hoping in her, we will not be confounded. Through Mary we will be delivered from our adversaries. She is the hope of Christians. She is the font of mercy. She is full of compassion. We ask her to look down upon us poor sinners, and heal us.

Mary is especially blessed because she was always faithful. She is the shining example of loyalty to Jesus. We pray to her, standing beneath the Cross, loyal and true to the end. We ask that we may follow her example and that she will be with us "now and at the hour of our death."

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, teaches us the way to heaven. A mother is the natural teacher of the child. Let us have recourse to our Mother and learn her wise ways.

Mary is the Cause of Our Joy. She gives us happiness. She made it possible for us to be redeemed. Without her humble, gracious consent, we could not have been saved from sin and our selfishness. This indeed is glad tidings. What gladness shone in Mary's eyes when she beheld her little Son in her arms. She gives away that joy to those who pray to her. She smiles upon us.


Mother in heaven, look down upon us poor sinners. We are not worthy of your love, but we are your children and we need very much. You beheld Jesus dying for sinners and know what a terrible price He paid to save us, so much does He love us; we know that you too yearn exceedingly to save your children.

Dear Mother, make our hearts burn with love for Jesus.

O Jesus, my only hope, my Savior and my God, at my last hour send me your tender Mother, that soft-shining Star of the Sea, that she may stand by me as my sure defense. Her face, fair as the bright dawn of morning, will make me know that You love me. Amen.
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19th Day - Exemplar of Prayer

While Mary was at prayer, the Angel told her she was to be the Mother of Jesus.

So often we feel hopelessly inadequate in life. But Mary, united in her heart with Jesus, wishes to save us. We ask for her prayers that she will intervene with her Son, our Savior. St. Bernard of Clairvaux said, "If you fear the Father, go to the Son; if you fear the Son, go to the Mother."

Monsignor Ronald Knox wrote, "Mary is so good at sympathizing with us. We need her tender smile and the touch of her gentle hand. Mary protects us and looks after us just as she did the Christ Child. She wants to be our companion just as she was the constant companion of Jesus."

Like a good mother, Mary teaches us the way to pray. Not only did she pray often, but she prayed with great confidence. Let us ask Mary to help us be sorry for our sins and make our cold, detached, earthbound hearts more considerate of others. Let us ask her to bring cleansing and healing and comfort to our minds and hearts that are now many times murky and miserable and petty.

We pray to Our Lady so that upon us her love may rest and that we be given the grace of Christ, our Lord, and an ever deeper faith.

We wish Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, to help us in our sorrows. She suffered so much and she knows how we feel.


O most gracious Queen, as I begin another day, I dedicate myself and all I do to you. I know that you will help me. Ask your Son to bless me. Whatever pleases Him, pleases you. Your whole life is dedicated to Him. You desire nothing more than that Jesus be better known in this sinful world.

Please aid me and protect me so that I may do this, so that by my example and word others will see the kindness of a Christian. I put my trust in you, Mother, and in your Son, our sweet Savior. I hope always to be your humble servant; this is my greatest boast. Amen.
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20th Day - Model of Holiness

Mary told St. Bernadette, "I am the Immaculate Conception."

Mary was an especially beautiful person, because the great beauty of her soul shone in her eyes and face. This lovely, sinless daughter of God was selfless, a lovely flower, the most glorious of all in God's garden of saints. Jesus dearly loved His Mother; as the angel said, she was overflowing with grace, holy and good.

Her days on earth were full of duties to her Son, to Joseph, to her neighbors, to the needy near and far. And when she was left alone in the world after Jesus returned to the Father, her duty was to encourage the Apostles and pray for the frail infant Church. We cannot think of her without helping someone. She is indeed the Mother of the Church, for it never would have succeeded without her."

She suffered, with her Son, the betrayal of Judas, the denial of Peter, the cowardice of the Apostles when in the Garden He was arrested and needed them the most. She saw Him covered with blood on the terrible journey up to the hill of execution. She with broken heart felt every blow as they drove the horrid spikes through His hands and feet. Tears flowed down her cheeks as He hung upon the Cross. Grief filled her as she saw Him die. O loving, good Blessed Mother, pray for us.


O Mother of God, Mary most holy, in your kind mercy bless me and help me overcome the hardness of my heart and my indifference and complacency. You have helped me so often, so often preserved me from sin; I am most grateful.

O my Queen, do not let your graces given graciously to me go in vain. With all my heart I beg strength for my poor soul. Grant me your blessings. I need so many. And bless my loved ones. Amen.
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21st Day - Gate of Heaven

By giving birth to the Son of God, Mary brought heaven to earth.

Most of all, dear Mary, you are the Gate of Heaven. We pray to enter the beautiful portals of paradise with your help. We are weary pilgrims on the way. When as children we came home from school, it was always a joy to open the door because we knew our mother was waiting to welcome us. So we feel after our wanderings here on earth, after our exile, our Mother Mary will be waiting, for she is the Gate of Heaven. She will welcome us to our true home and happiness forever.

The very thought of light reminds us of Mary. She brought to us the blessed one who is the Light of the world. She is the Mother of Eternal Light. She is the Morning Star. "O poor, lost sinner, despair not, raise up your eyes and cast them on this beautiful star and breathe again with confidence, for she will guide you. The night is over, the day is dawning," said St. Bonaventure.

Mary is our safe harbor after the stormy sea. "Deep night hath come down on us, Mother, deep night, and we need more than ever the guide of thy light; for the darker the night, the brighter the light should be, thy beautiful, shining, O sweet Star of the Sea," wrote Father Faber.

In dangers and anguish, in doubt and temptation, she will sustain us. We have nothing to fear. "Follow her and you cannot wander, pray to her and you will have hope; as long as you look to her, you will be safe," an ancient prayer tells us.


Most holy Mary, my Lady, to your faithful care and special keeping I give myself. Keep me in your mercy always, and in particular be with me at the hour of my death. I commend my soul to you; you are my hope and comfort. In all my trials I look to you.

Through your intercession and by the merits of your prayers, I know that one day I will see your Son and you, dear Mother, in the glorious heavenly kingdom of God. Amen.
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22nd Day - Health of the Sick

Mary continually offers prayers for the sick and the dying.

St. Gertrude said, "Let Mary be on your lips and in your heart and in your prayers. Lose not sight of her. Mary, draw near to my heart in all your splendor."

St. Bernard said, "O you who feel yourself tossed by the tempest, turn not away your eyes from the Star of the Sea, if you would avoid shipwreck. If the winds of temptation blow, if the waves of tribulation rise high, look at the star, sigh toward Mary. She will rescue you. If anger, avarice, and love of pleasure rock your small boat, seek Mary. Her eyes are upon you. If sin and troubles and worries and dread of God's judgment begin to plunge you into the gulf of sadness and despair, attach your heart to Mary."

Mary is Health of the Sick. She was an angel of mercy assisting the sick and dying. She nursed them and prayed with them. Her kindness was everywhere for everyone. She has a special love for those who have a particular devotion to her. An Irish saying states, "There is no hound in fleetness nor in chase, north wind or rapid river as quick as the Mother of Christ to the bed of death."

Our Mother will be with us in sickness and suffering, in pain and sorrow; our Mother will especially be with us at our last hour.


O Refuge of Sinners, you have a special love for lost sheep. Help all sinners. Please plead for us. Let your Mother's love reach out to us. St. Bonaventure said that you embrace with motherly love all sinners, and you do not cease to embrace them until they look to your Son.

Mother, you are the place where we may run and be safe, in our Mother's arms. Pray constantly for the conversion of all sinners. This is your special work. You do not want one sinner to be lost. Stand guard over all your children. A holy man wrote that you say of each of us, "My Son bought your soul at a great price. Pray to Him. He will help you." Amen.

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