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By athenacp
The devil said to Jesus:"Worship me and it shall all be yours." Jesus answered: "You must worship the Lord your God."

Repent and Believe in the Gospel

Conversion is one of the central motifs during the season of Lent. When we think of conversion, we often think of turning away from sin. However, while it is important to turn away from sin, the heart of conversion is turning towards God. Conversion is positive rather than negative. It is about making space for God in our busy lives. It is about putting our trust in Him when we are assailed by fear and doubt. May this season of Lent help all of us to get closer to God!


Lord Jesus, as I begin the desert journey of Lent give me strength and courage.

Lead me through these days of prayer and penance in such a way that I may worthily come to the celebration of your saving death and glorious resurrection.

Stay with me in time of temptation.

Do not allow me to give way to greed but lead me to generous service. Preserve me from vanity and self glory and make me humble of heart. Save me from false pride, let me be obedient to your will. Amen.

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