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Last Jeremiah entry:
200. Jeremiah 51: 19, 57
verse 19 Not like these is the portion of Jacob, He is the Creator of all things; Israel is His very own tribe, LORD of hosts is His Name.
verse 57 (regarding Babylon) I will make her princes and her wise men drunk , her governors, her prefects, and her warriors, so that they sleep an eternal sleep, never to awaken, says the King, whose Name is the LORD of hosts.
One entry from the book of Lamentations is given. As the name suggests, the book of Lamentations is composed of 5 laments or sorrows of the Jewish people after the fall of Jerusalem, the destruction of the temple and the exile of the people.
201. Lamentations 3: 55-57 I called upon Your Name, O LORD, from the bottom of the pit; You heard me call, "Let not Your Ear be deaf to my cry for help!" You came to my aid when I called to You; You said, "Have no fear!"
Baruch was a secretary and scribe to the prophet Jeremiah. He lived precisely during the time of Jerusalem's demise when the Temple was destroyed and the Jews were taken into exile and slavery.
202. Baruch Chapter 2 is an extended prayer to God by Baruch for deliverance
verses 11-12 "And now, LORD, God of Israel, You who led Your people out of the land of Egypt with Your mighty Hand, with signs and wonders and great might, and with Your upraised Arm, so that You have made for Yourself a Name till the present day: we have sinned, been impious, and violated, O LORD, our God, all Your statutes."
verses 14-15 "Hear, O LORD, our prayer of supplication, and deliver us for Your own sake: grant us favor in the presence of our captors, that the whole earth may know that You are the LORD, our God, and that Israel and his descendants bear Your Name."
verse 26 "And You reduced the house which bears Your Name to what it is today, for the wickedness of the kingdom of Israel and the kingdom of Judah."
Baruch recalls God's promises in verses 28-32 This was Your warning through Your servant Moses, the day You ordered him to write down Your law in the presence of the Israelites: If you do not heed My Voice, surely this great and numerous throng will dwindle away among the nations to which I will scatter them. For I know they will not heed Me, because they are a stiff-necked people. But in the land of their captivity they shall have a change of heart; they shall know that I, the LORD, am their God. I will give them hearts, and heedful ears; and they shall praise Me in the land of their captivity , and shall invoke My Name.
203. Baruch 3:5-7 Remember at this time not the misdeeds of out fathers, but Your own Hand and Name: for You are the LORD our God; and You, O LORD, we will praise! For this, You put into our hearts the fear of You: that we may call upon Your Name, and praise You in our captivity, when we have removed from our hearts all the wickedness of our fathers who sinned against You.
204. Baruch 5: 1-2 Jerusalem, take off your robe of mourning and misery; put on the splendor of glory from God forever: wrapped in the cloak of justice from God, bear on your head the mitre that displays the glory of the eternal Name.
The prophet Ezekiel stressed the absolute majesty of God. Ezekiel said that whatever God does to or for man is motivated by zeal for His own holy Name. Ezekiel was called to be a prophet during the exile in Babylon.
205. Ezekiel Chapter 20 In the seventh year, on the tenth day of the fifth month (August 14, 591 B.C.), some of the elders of Israel came to consult the LORD and sat down before me (Ezekiel). Then the word of the LORD came to me: Son of man, speak with the elders of Israel and say to them.....<Here God reviews His works to the elders and how God contemplated punishing the people for sins, but always relented for the sake of His Name>
verses 8-9 (God speaking) But they rebelled against Me and refused to listen to Me; none of them threw away the detestable things that had held their eyes, they did not abandon the idols of Egypt. Then I thought of pouring out My fury on them and spending My anger on them there in the land of Egypt; but I acted for My Name's sake, that it should not be profaned in the sight of the nations among whom they were, in whose presence I had made Myself known to them, revealing that I would bring them out of the land of Egypt.
verses 13-14 But the house of Israel rebelled against Me in the desert. They did not observe My statutes, and they despised My ordinances that bring life to those who keep them. My sabbaths, too, they desecrated grievously. Then I thought of pouring out My fury on them in the desert to put an end to them, but I acted for My Name's sake, that it should not be profaned in the sight of the nations in whose presence I had brought them out.
verses 19-22 I am the LORD, your God: observe My statutes and be careful to keep My ordinances; keep holy My sabbaths, as a sign between Me and you to show that I am the LORD, your God. But their children rebelled against Me: they did not observe My statutes or keep My ordinances that bring life to those who observe them, and My sabbaths they desecrated. Then I thought of pouring out My fury on them, of spending My anger on them in the desert; but I stayed My Hand, acting for My Name's sake, lest it be profaned in the sight of the nations in whose presence I brought them out.
verses 39-40 As for you, house of Israel, thus says the LORD GOD: Come, each one of you, destroy your idols! Then listen to Me, and never again profane My holy Name with your gifts and your idols. For on My holy mountain, on the mountain height of Israel, says the LORD GOD, there the whole house of Israel without exception shall worship Me; there I will accept them, and there I will claim your tributes and the first fruits of your offerings, and all that you dedicate.
This entry is not about the Name of the LORD, but it caught my attention...It could be called the 'cautionary tale of Medjugorje'
Ezekiel 33: 30-33 (God is speaking to Ezekiel about the people's response to the words of Ezekiel) As for you, son of man, your countrymen are talking about you along the walls and in the doorways of houses. They say to one another, "Come and hear the latest word that comes from the LORD." My people come to you as people always do; they sit down before you and hear your words, but they will not obey them, for lies are on their lips and their desires are fixed on dishonest gain. For them you are only a ballad singer, with a pleasant voice and a clever touch. They listen to your words, but they will not obey them. But when it comes- and it is surely coming! - they shall know that there was a prophet among them.
Yesterday, Mirjana was told by our Lady that "I am imploring you to pray for the whole world. My heart is suffering. Sins are multiplying, they are too numerous. But with the help of those of you who are humble, modest, filled with love, hidden and holy, my heart will triumph."
Can each of us do a little more to live these Medjugorje messages?

Pray attentively in the morning and evening
Pray the rosary with our minds focused on the events of Jesus's life
Confess sins monthly
Start family prayer (this one has been a tough challenge for me)
Fast on bread and water all day Wednesdays and Fridays
Read the bible everyday
Attend Mass

Also from the Gospel reading at Mass yesterday we heard a promise from Jesus. He said, "...Whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet's reward,..."

We believe that Our Lady appears everyday as a Mother to guide us...She is a prophet for our time. When we receive her words and put them into action in our lives, we will receive a prophet's reward.
206. Ezekiel 36: 20-23 But when they came among the nations [wherever they came], they served to profane My holy Name, because it was said of them: "These are the people of the LORD, yet they had to leave their land." So I have relented because of My holy Name which the house of Israel profaned among the nations where they came. Therefore say to the house of Israel: Thus says the LORD God: Not for your sakes do I act, house of Israel, but for the sake of My holy Name, which you profaned among the nations to which you came. I will prove the holiness of My great Name, profaned among the nations, in whose midst you have profaned it. Thus the nations shall know that I am the LORD, says the LORD God, when in their sight I prove My holiness through you.
207. Ezekiel 39:7,25 verse 7: I will make My holy Name known among My people Israel; I will no longer allow My holy Name to be profaned. Thus the nations shall know that I am the LORD, the holy One in Israel.
verse 25 Therefore, thus says the LORD God: Now I will restore the fortunes of Jacob and have pity on the whole house of Israel, and I will be jealous for My holy Name.
Ezekiel chapter 40 concerns a vision that Ezekiel had of the new temple. As the footnotes indicate 'this lengthy vision is concerned with the new temple and how to govern it. Yet, the prophet did not expect a literal fulfillment of what he described.'
The vision continues with the return of the LORD to the temple in chapter 43
208. Ezekiel 43: 1-8 Then he led me to the gate which faces the east, and there I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. I heard a sound like the roaring of many waters, and the earth shone with His glory. The vision was like that which I had seen when He came to destroy the city, and like that which I had seen by the river Chebar. I fell prone as the glory of the LORD entered the temple by way of the gate which faces the east, but Spirit lifted me up and brought me to the inner court. And I saw that the temple was filled with the glory of the LORD. Then I heard someone speaking to me from the temple, while the man stood beside me. The voice said me: Son of man, this is where My throne shall be, this is where I will set the soles of My Feet; here I will dwell among the Israelites forever. Never again shall they and their kings profane My holy Name with their harlotries and with the corpses of their kings [their high places]. When they placed their threshold against My threshold and their doorpost next to Mine, so that only a wall was between us, they profaned My holy Name by their abominable deeds; therefore I consumed them in My wrath. From now on they shall put far from Me their harlotry and the corpses of their kings, and I will dwell in their midst forever.
The book of Daniel is both prophetic and apocalyptic (meaning concerning the end times). The first six chapters tell about Daniel, a Jewish youth exiled in Babylon and how he adheres to the law despite persecution and attempts on his life (fiery furnace, thrown to a den of hungry lions). The last six chapters tell of visions of persecution in the future for believers but that God's Hand is in all events for those who believe and eternal life will be theirs.
210. This event in Daniel's life is when the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, had a puzzling dream for which he demanded interpretation. He put to death the 'wise men' of his court who failed to explain to him the meaning of the dream. Daniel (long known to be wise) was consulted about the dream...he went home to talk to his faithful companions about it and they prayed.
Daniel 2: 19-23 During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision, and he blessed the God of heaven:
"Blessed be the Name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and power are His. He causes the changes of the times and seasons, makes kings and unmakes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who understand. He reveals deep and hidden things and knows what is in the darkness, for the light dwells with Him. To you, O God of my fathers, I give thanks and praise, because You have given me wisdom and power. Now You have shown me what we asked of You, You have made known to us the king's dream."
211. Daniel and his companions were rewarded with presents and employment in prestigious posts in the kingdom for interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The next chapter of Daniel, chapter 3 tells of another court event where Daniel and his devout companions do not give in to idolatry. King Nebuchadnezzar had built an enormous golden statue that he wished to dedicate before all the people. He proclaimed that all the people had to bow down and worship this golden statue. Word got out that the devout Jews of Daniel and his companions would not adore the statue. As a consequence, they would be punished and burned to death. One of Daniel's companions, Azariah, prayed to the LORD in the midst of the fiery furnace:
Daniel 3: 26 "Blessed are You, and praiseworthy, O LORD, the God of our fathers, and glorious forever is Your Name."
In the course of Azariah's prayer, he acknowledged the sinfulness of Israel and asked for mercy from the LORD.
Daniel 3: 34 "For Your Name's sake, do not deliver us up forever, or make void Your covenant."
verse 43 "Deliver us by Your wonders and bring glory to Your Name, O LORD."
At this point an angel of the LORD was sent from God into the fiery furnace "to drive the fiery flames out of the furnace, and made the inside of the furnace as though a dew-laden breeze were blowing through it. The fire in no way touched them or caused them harm. Then these three in the furnace with one voice sang, glorifying and blessing God:
verse 52 "Blessed are You, O LORD, the God of our fathers, praiseworthy and exalted above all forever; and blessed is Your holy and glorious Name, praiseworthy and exalted above all for all ages."
The rest of the song is very beautiful to read frequently as a form of pure praise and worship to the Father! Of course, King Nebuchadnezzar was astonished that the men were unharmed and his heart began to turn to the LORD.
212. Daniel Chapter 9 tells how Daniel was trying to ascertain when the time of the Jewish captivity would be over based on what God told the prophet Jeremiah. First Daniel went to the scripture and read the words of Jeremiah.
Daniel 9: 3-6 I turned to the LORD God, pleading in earnest prayer, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes. I prayed to the LORD, my God, and confessed, "Ah, LORD, great and awesome God, You who keep Your merciful covenant toward those who love You and observe Your commandments! We have sinned, been wicked and done evil; we have rebelled and departed from Your commandments and Your laws. We have not obeyed Your servants the prophets, who spoke in Your Name to our kings, our princes, our fathers, and all the people of the land.
verse 15 "Now, O LORD, our God, who led Your people out of the land of Egypt with a strong hand, and made a Name for Yourself even to this day, we have sinned, we are guilty."
verses 18-19 "Give Ear, O my God, and listen; open Your Eyes and see our ruins and the city which bears Your Name. When we present our petition before You, we rely not on our just deeds, but on Your great mercy. O LORD, hear! O LORD, pardon! O LORD be attentive and act without delay, for Your own sake, O my God, because this city and Your people bear Your Name!"
Those were the passages from Daniel with respect to the Name of the LORD, however Daniel contains the prophetic chapter 12 concerning the end times which you should read and be familiar with.
The prophet Joel is considered a 'minor' prophet, however this book is powerful in envisioning a great and powerful 'day of the LORD' - a time when God will act decisively against those who do not love and acknowledge Him as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, yet pour solace and comfort upon His people. It is a short book and highly recommended reading.
214. Joel 2: 26 You shall eat and be filled, and shall praise the Name of the LORD, Your God, because He has dealt wondrously with you, My people shall nevermore be put to shame."
The prophet Amos lived before Jeremiah and before the destruction of the temple. He was a shepherd who became a prophet of the LORD.
216. Amos 2:7 They trample the heads of the weak into the dust of the earth, and force the lowly out of the way. Son and father go to the same prostitute, profaning My holy Name.

I want to add this nice little passage from Amos that tells of the Fatherly care of God... remember how we will get three days of advanced warning before each secret of Medjugorje happens.

+++ Amos 3: 7 Indeed, the LORD God does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets. +++

Do you ever wonder what you will do when each secret is announced? Are there people you plan on calling to alert them? If the secret is announced for your location will you make plans accordingly? Our Lady is so kind to advise us about monthly confession, and being ready spiritually so hopefully we will be ready for the fulfillment of whatever comes our way.
219. Amos 6: 1, 4-7, 10
Woe to the complacent in Zion, to the overconfident on the mount of Samaria, leaders of a nation favored from the first, to whom the people of Israel have recourse!
verses 4-7 Lying upon beds of ivory, stretched comfortably on their couches, they eat lambs taken from the flock, and calves from the stall! Improvising to the music of the harp, like David, they devise their own accompaniment. They drink wine from bowls and anoint themselves with the best oils; yet they are not made ill by the collapse of Joseph! Therefore, now they shall be the first to go into exile, and their wanton revelry shall be done away with.
verse 10 Only a few shall be left to carry the dead out of the houses; If one says to a man inside a house, "Is anyone with you?" and he answers, "No one," then he shall say, "Silence!" for no one must mention the Name of the LORD.
220. Amos 9:6, 11-12
verse 6 I have built heaven, My upper chamber, and established My vault over the earth; I summon the waters of the sea and pour them out upon the surface of the earth, I, the LORD by Name.
verses 11-12 On that day I will raise up the fallen hut of David; I will wall up its breaches, raise up its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old, That they may conquer what is left of Edom and all the nations that shall bear My Name, say I, the LORD, who will do this.
222. Micah 5:3 (verse 1 Prophecy about Jesus coming from Bethlehem...becoming the Ruler of Israel)
verse 3 He shall stand firm and shepherd His flock by the strength of the LORD, in the majestic Name of the LORD, His God;
And they shall remain, for now His greatness shall reach to the ends of the earth;
He shall be peace.
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