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The book of Esther is about a beautiful Jewish woman who becomes queen and bravely convinces her husband, the king, not to carry out the murder of her people, the Jews.
74. Esther C:10 "Hear my prayer; have pity on Your inheritance and turn our sorrow to joy; thus shall we live to sing praise to Your Name, O LORD. Do not silence those who praise You."
The next books are the books of Maccabees which tell of the time of history (about 100 BC) where the Greeks were occupying Judah (called Judea at that point). Greek culture had influenced Jewish worship of God to where many Jewish laws were being ignored and those that practiced them were persecuted. A group of pious Jews called the Maccabees revolted against the people in charge. After a series of many battles, the Jews overcame the Greeks. Then they reestablished worship in the temple. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah celebrates the re-dedication of the temple.
75. Judas Maccabees prays to God before a battle 1 Maccabees 4:33 "Strike them down by the sword of those who love You, that all who know Your Name may hymn Your praise."
76. An enemy officer threatens to burn down the temple and the Jewish priests pray:
1 Maccabees 7: 37-38 "You have chosen this house to bear Your Name, to be a house of prayer and petition for Your people. Take revenge on this man and his army, and let him fall by the sword. Remember their blasphemies, and do not let them continue."
77. 2 Maccabees 8:1-4 Judas Maccabeus and his companions entered the villages secretly, summoned their kinsmen, and by also enlisting others who remained faithful to Judaism, assembled about six thousand men. They implored the LORD to look kindly upon His people, who were being oppressed on all sides; to have pity on the temple, which was profaned by godless men; to have mercy on the city, which was being destroyed and about to be leveled to the ground; to hearken to the blood that cried out to Him; to remember the criminal slaughter of innocent children and the blasphemies uttered against His Name; and to manifest His hatred of evil.
Nicanor was the head of the enemy army of 20,000. Nicanor planned to sell Jews they captured into slavery. Judas Maccabeus was the head of an army of 6,000. He prayed to God that these Jewish slaves would be freed before the two armies confronted each other.
78. 2 Maccabees 8: 12-15 When Judas learned of Nicanor's advance and informed his companions about the approach of the army, the cowardly and those who lacked faith in God's justice deserted and got away. But the others sold everything they had left, and at the same time besought the LORD to deliver those whom the ungodly Nicanor had sold before even meeting them. They begged the LORD to do this, if not for their sake, at least for the sake of the covenants made with their forefathers, and because they themselves bore His holy, glorious Name.
Once the Maccabees retook their temple, they found documents within the temple. One document tells the fate of the ark of the covenant. Just to summarize, after king Solomon there were 20 successive kings of Judah. The people gradually fell away from worshipping God and keeping His commandments. For many centuries God warned the people through the prophets to turn back to Him or their land would be taken from them and the temple would be destroyed. That did happen. Before it happened the prophet Jeremiah was told by God to remove the ark of the covenant (the holy receptacle containing the tablets of the ten commandments) and hide it. Here is what we know about that event:
2 Maccabees 2: 4-8 The same document also tells how the prophet, following a divine revelation, ordered that the tent and the ark should accompany him and how he went off to the mountain (they say it's Mt. Nebo) which Moses climbed to see God's inheritance. When Jeremiah arrived there, he found a cave in which he put the tent, the ark, and the altar of incense; then he blocked up the entrance. Some of those who followed him came up intending to mark the path, but they could not find it. When Jeremiah heard of this, he reproved them: "This place is to remain unknown until God gathers His people together again and shows them mercy. Then the LORD will disclose these things, and the glory of the LORD will be seen in the cloud, just as it appeared in the time of Moses and when Solomon prayed that the Place (the temple of Jerusalem) might be gloriously sanctified."
I wonder if one of the secrets of Medjugorje has to do with the ark of the covenant?
The book of Job contains one entry regarding the Name of the LORD. It is just after the first trial when Job learns that his children have died. It is a powerful prayer of humble submission to the will of the LORD.

79. Job 1:20-22 Then Job began to tear his cloak and cut off his hair. He cast himself prostrate upon the ground, and said, "Naked I came forth from my mother's womb, and naked shall I go back again. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the Name of the LORD!" In all this Job did not sin, nor did he say anything disrespectful of God.
We enter into the book of psalms now. There are 150 psalms. At least a third of the psalms are attributed to David. He catapulted worship of the Name of the LORD to new heights. The psalms reflect many moods of our human condition. If ever you can listen to them narrated, I recommend David Suchet's reading of the psalms on CD. He reads them with great emotion which is very edifying and prayerful to the listener.
80. Psalm 5:12-13 a psalm of David
Then all who take refuge in You will be glad and forever shout for joy. Protect them that You may be the joy of those who love Your Name. For You, LORD, bless the just; You surround then with favor like a shield.
83. Psalm 9-10:2-4,11 a psalm of David
verses 2-4 I will praise You, LORD, with all my heart; I will declare all Your wondrous deeds. I will delight and rejoice in You; I will sing hymns to Your Name, Most High. For my enemies turn back; they stumble and perish before You.
verse 11 Those who honor Your Name trust in You; You never forsake those who seek You, LORD.
85. Psalm 20:2,6-8 a psalm of David
verse 2 The LORD answer you in time of distress; the Name of the God of Jacob defend you!
verses 6-8 May we shout for joy at Your victory, raise the banners in the Name of our God. The LORD grant your every prayer! Now I know victory is given to the anointed of the LORD. God will answer him from the holy heavens with a strong Arm that brings victory. Some rely on chariots, others on horses, but we on the Name of the LORD our God.
86. Psalm 22 is very special because part of it is actual prophecy about Jesus's passion and death. This psalm is attributed to David who was not only king, but a prophet 1000 years before Jesus was born. The first two parts of the psalm are the prayer of an innocent person (Jesus) in anguish. The third part praises the LORD and that is where this entry comes from: Psalm 22: 23-24 Then I will proclaim Your Name to the assembly; in the community I will praise You: "You who fear the LORD, give praise! All descendants of Jacob, give honor; show reverence, all descendants of Israel!"
87. Psalm 23: 1-3 A psalm of David
The LORD is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack. In green pastures You let me graze; to safe waters You lead me; You restore my strength. You guide me along the right path for the sake of Your Name.

Mirjana shared in her memoir, My Heart will Triumph that she recited Psalm 23 to herself during the worst times of interrogations by the communist police in Sarajevo and she felt strengthened to carry on and not betray her faith and the mission she received from Our Lady.
91. Psalm 31: 4-6 a psalm of David ++note that verse 6 (into Your Hands I commend My Spirit) are the last words that the dying Jesus said++
You are my rock and my fortress; for Your Name's sake lead and guide me. Free me from the net they have set for me, for You are my refuge. Into Your Hands I commend my spirit; You will redeem me, LORD, faithful God.
94. Psalm 44: 6,9, 21-23
verse 6 Through You we batter our foes; through Your Name, trample our adversaries.
verse 9 In God we have boasted all the day long; Your Name we will praise forever.
verses 21-23 If we had forgotten the Name of our God, stretched out our hands to another god, would not God have discovered this, God who knows the secrets of the heart?
98. Psalm 54: 3, 8-9 of David
verse 3 O God, by Your Name save me. By Your strength defend my cause.
verses 8-9 Then I will offer You generous sacrifice and praise Your gracious Name, LORD, because It has rescued me from every trouble, and my eyes look down on my foes.
99. Psalm 61: 6-9 of David
O, God, when You accept my vows and hear the plea of those who revere Your Name in prayer: "Add to the days of the king's life; may his years be many generations; may he reign before God forever; may Your love and fidelity preserve him" - Then I will sing Your Name forever, fulfill my vows day after day.
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