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By athenacp
My Daily Offering For Lent


Father Paul M. Keeling, CRSP

(With Ecclesiastical Approval)

Lord, God,

Trinity of Love,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

I praise You,

I worship You,

I adore You,

I love You.

Father, Creator,

I thank You

for the gift of life.

May I do Your will

this day.

Jesus, Son, Savior,

by Your death on the Cross,

You showed me the Father's love.

May I be willing to die to myself

in order to live for You.

May I share Your "Good News"

this day with all those around me.

May Your love be reflected

in every kind word, thought, and deed.

And if I fail, be there to raise me up.

Spirit, Sanctifier,

shower Your life

upon all the peoples of the world.

Grant us the gifts of peace and love.


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