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I fly to Your mercy, Compassionate God, who alone
are good. Although my misery is great and my offenses
are many, I trust in Your mercy, because You are the
God of mercy; and, from time immemorial, it has never
been heard of, nor do heaven or earth remember, that
a soul trusting in Your mercy has been disappointed.

O God of compassion, You alone can justify me and
You will never reject me when I, contrite, approach
Your Merciful Heart, where no one has ever been
refused, even if he were the greatest sinner. For
Your Son assured me. "Sooner would heaven and
earth turn into nothingness than would My mercy
fail to embrace a trusting soul".

Jesus, Friend of a lonely heart, You are my haven,
Your are my peace. You are my salvation, You are my
serenity in moments of struggle and amidst an ocean
of doubts. You are the bright ray that lights up the
path of my life. You are everything to a lonely soul.
You understand the soul even though it remains silent.
You know our weaknesses and, like a good physician,
You comfort and heal, sparing us sufferings expert
that You are.
. . . Saint Faustina's prayers

Jesus I Trust In You!
Peace and Love
​ ♥ Sandy

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