Let everyone know about upcoming Marian and religious events.

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By DarkTy
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By Nick
Is this message approved by the Church? If so, please provide the approval of the competent Authority (such as a link or a photocopy). I thank you in advance!

If the message is not approved, I wouldn't tell it to others. No disrespect to you or the visionary. But we must be obedient and docile to the Church. That includes not spreading unapproved revelations, which can lead souls astray. Even good unapproved revelations can lead souls astray because the souls think they don't need to follow the Church, even though Christ would never lead souls away from His Church and even if Christ says in the good unapproved revelation to follow His Church.
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By DarkTy
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Thank you so much for sharing these messages with us. I was able to click on the site, click google translate = english, and got all translated so I could read and understand.

Please can I share something with you. I have been living with a slow recovery from a broken ankle last december 2009. Followed by an infection in the surgical wound as a result of surgery to repair broken ankle. I had been thinking Our Lord is punishing me for my sins, and thought I well deserve it.

However, there has been growing in me the thought... that all this time when I can only rest on doctors orders, Our Lord must want me to devote more time to prayer. I am working on this and trying to pray a whole lot more. Indeed the latest feeling I have growing in me is to give all my own immediate and family needs to Blessed Mother, and call all the Angels and Saints and holy souls in purgatory to join me in prayer and supplications for; above all the intentions of Our Blessed Mother, secondly the Holy Father, our Pope. I don't know why this is; but I feel it is very important. I always say, dear God, Heavenly Mother will most wisely distribute Graces to those who are in most urgent need ,and I pray that she will use Gods Graces for others in urgent need. I am happy to wait in turn for a better time when Blessed Mother can ask Our Heavenly Father to allow Julia60 to have her prayers answered. I mean after more urgent souls needs are met.

I know every thing Blessed Mother does is for Jesus, and I rejoice in how she can most please her Son, Our Lord. Is that not her Immaculate Hearts' desire for us all.

I have cried my dear friend reading those messages; because they are an echo of what is burning my own heart up inside. Thank you so much for your post. Yes, it has taken me months to find your post, and that is because I am hopeless at finding my way around the forum.

Thank you Medjugorje moderators for allowing the site to be available, it is a blessing for me to get an answer to my prayer in what the Lord is asking of me over the last 8 months and more.

God bless you all.
Julia. :)
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