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By mare2
Hi everyone,

My friend and I would love to attend the event on March 19-March23rd at Car. of Birmingham however we know nothing about this organization. My friend found negative information online about them and now I am wondering if they are truely on the up and up. Any and all information would be welcome.

Thanks and God Bless,
Mare2 :)
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Also - If the place wasn't on the up and up, why would a visonary from Medj. be going there? That's the question that has me very complexed. I mean, I don't think Our Lady would want her to go somewhere that was bad for her. What do you think?
Here are posts from this forum about this group:

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From other sites:

A great deal of information here:
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Your question about why she would visit there is answered in these discussions.
Please go to www.medjugorje.ws to find out more about (use discernment when discussing this group). After you have read what has been posted, even by Fr. Svet. . .you should realize that you need to stay away. . .far away. They had recorded one of my homilies in St. James a few years ago and put it on their website without asking my permission.
When I was there, Marija said that Terry is not perfect, and she knows this. She said she receives letters all the time telling her how bad of a person he is and why she should not go there anymore. She said that she tears up each of those letters and throws them in the trash. ***This is direct from her mouth....the visionary Marija.*** She said that she knows no one is perfect, and we all have our faults, some more than others. She said this is no reason to condemn the place or the events.

I would suggest we take Marija's example with this, and look first to our own souls; toward our own conversion, before being so quick to condemn another. Love will be our salvation, especially in the time of purification which we will soon enter in to.

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Davide, That is beautiful! You sound like a very charitable and wise person. Thank you. It is so awesome how much Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother love us! (warts and all!!) Thank you for that post!